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long time since you guys see my big face eh! :D

yes yes im zilian. whatever. HAHA.
was playing around with the webcam the other day.

ANYWAYS.. i have alot to blog about!

school assignments are definitely starting to pile up, especially with IT in Business ! everytime my assignment comes from ITB! gotta do a portfolio and come up with a draft within a week! anyways, sad to say my ITB tutor isnt fun!

besides, i have 4 hours of ITB tutorials/workshops/lectures on mondays ! luckily i have great classmates to kill time with! so the other day, we girls (inclusive of some gays) who were sitting at the back keep yakking non stop about random things. LOL.

&&&&, i have a classmate who shares the same BIRTHDATE as me! 25 AUGUST! this is too cool or what? hahahaha. and her name is Eunice! (:

ok putting ITB aside, my MIEC tutor's a KILLER ! SERIOUS! let me tell you why

so today when this tutor came in, i think she practically struck fear among us! after the taking of attendance came all the house rules. MANY OF THEM! and she doesnt seemed like one to be fooled with. definitely not. i even stopped chatting on msn / surfing net!

bahh anyway, she proceeded into lessons quite fast, like within 15min! then she started asking for 4 volunteers, saying got participation points. so i was like " eh, go leh go leh! " so up there was 3 other guys and me lah!

horrible man i tell you, start of my nightmare!

i thought its just gonna be some simple bonding stuffs, then who knows she started bombing us with questions from the previous lecture! caught the 4 of us unaware.

so whatever she asked, we are like "duno duno". and.. she never gave any answers to our questions! just another question to answer our question. and so the whole class gotta help and stuffs. and from the 4 essential things in econs to graphs to alot alot!

and worse is, those she asked were NOT found in the notes! many started to raid wikipedia and other sources. so the 4 of us were up there all along, etc etc. what normative and positive economics and so on. and how great, she's only done when tutorial ended!

so... it means that we almost spent 2 hours standing throughout the tutorial! our legs were so so so tired ! and as we went for dinner, many others started to say how "gl" she was. lols ! BUT, she definitely makes a very good tutor. thats what we all agreed.

and the guys were like "wah, i go home really must pia already. must do all MIEC notes, if not next tutorial die already"

HAHAH. okay no more school, lets talk about my trial lesson for dancesports!

went there late, and by the time the seniors were almost done showcasing the different types of dance! Salsa, Paso Doble and etc etc. and so they started off by asking us to get into pairs and try some basic Cha Cha steps.

my guy partner was a dancesport senior, and so he guided me alot! hahaha, think i got the hang of it quite fast. was fun fun fun. :D guess the trial lesson ended around 8pm! so after that, the girls which i went with started discussing about which dance group to join!

NRA... DanceSports... D3... Magnum force... NRA... D3...

ended up non of them wanted to continue dancesports! .___. likka so sad! so guess next week i'll have to go alone! why nobody wants to join DS one?! tsk tsk tsk.

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