Saturday, April 18, 2009



oops im sorry but the post on ghetto 4 outing will be postponed awhile later! anyways, went to do some shopping at northpoint earlier on. and...



MP4 . MP3 . DVD/VCD portable

- clear strong and deep bass audio
- hi-fidelity, highly effective noise isolation
- high quality 3.5mm gold-plated jack

Specifications :

sensitivity : 105 App. 4dB SPL
Cord length : 1.8m

Packaging includes :

- 3 pairs of silicon ear gel
- high quality soft leather Pouch Included

this is so sad! its like i just bought it (at 17 bucks) on impulse and i realised that it hardly suits me! %$#! *insert sad face*

and sad to say, since i've opened the packaging already, im letting it go at just $12.50 ! this isnt bought from some pasar malam where you get low qualities one ok!

its bought from a shop which specifically sells electronic gadgets. im intending to get another color and so i guess its better for me to sell it out !

its brand new! the receipt showed that i had just bought it earlier on.

its a very nice shade of metallic blue! super chio !!! (and that explains why i bought it on impulse lahh! ) although in my picture it seems abit more to baby blue. but its metallic blue! its lying infront of me now. hahaha.

packaging had been open but its brand new. (as in never used it) bought at 17 and im letting it go at $12.50.

interested buyers please contact me at : or tag at my blog! will get back to you asap (:

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