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Pictures during Ama darl's bdae celebration ! hahaha. just only koped three from dearie's blog. thanks dearie!

Anyway... Birthday celebrations for THOMAS on saturday night! hahaha. so many people's birthday nowadays eh. hehs. and since i went to work earlier that day, managed to leave early as well!

went to bishan to meet up with the rest of the peeps. so long nv see them alr! hahahhaa. and thomas got more of the chao ah beng look !

quite a pretty place actually! and in fact the whole place (three BBQ pits) were all booked! one is for thomas bdae, one for his friend's, and one for his friend's classmate/friend. aiyaa something laa. i forgot. hahaha.

so... there's alot of people!


and one of the gifts which they got for thomas is a condom ! hahahaa. they decided to buy it with the leftover money. HAHAHA. since they have no idea what to buy with the remaining sum of money, they walked into 7 eleven and saw the condoms LOL.

they sorta planned to have him blow the condom until it burst or something. not sure! cause i left early. nicolette was so funny la! we said we wanted to take a picture of it (the condom), then she immediately pose with the condom box. LOL. practically laughed away. hahaha

the chefs! didnt really help with the BBQ that day. hahaha. i only went there to help EAT! wahahha. those guys are so corrupted la!

i rmb me hitting the pack of frozen hotdogs which is beside the bbq pit, then shengxiong was like asking me to stop. i ask him why then he said
"cause you're making me wet!" LOL. laughed like hell!

the food was nice! eh, the chicken wings not burnt ok!
just that i edited the contrast and stuff. haha.

THOMAS the bdae guy! hahaha.
first was without nightmode. so took another one again.

who knows when i reached home, this the only picture where i can see his TEETH !



and anyway... workplace was so happening today. LOL. shall blog about it tmr. hahahha. ok work aside, IM SO GONNA GET A SORETHROAT TMR!

nono. in fact im having a mild sorethroat. but i guess i might loose my voice tmr when i wake up or something. LOL. can i dont sleeeeep? :D anyway, my ear got mild infection again! %$!@# LOL. happens everytime when i play with the stud, like take out, then put back again. argh ! ):

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