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anyways, went to school at 8am! luckily my one and only 8am lesson is on friday! and its Sports and Wellness day! did dancesports and danced cha cha basics for the third time! but nevertheless, our instructor was very funny!

hahaha. another cute teacher! as in the way he speaks. cause it was raining pretty heavily in the morning, and we were the only group who can stay indoors (air conditioned somemore), he was saying :

"you guys are so lucky! you see, we aren't affected by the rain. whereas the other groups like soccer, volleyball, all now have to come indoors and do running"

and just as he mentioned running, there was this group of people running and passing by our studio and there he goes :

"look at all the background dancers" we went LOL lor! hahahah.
moreover, he's very mean! cause he was describing and explaining the different types of dances and their speeds under ballroom and latin dancing. i for think he should be touching on Quickstep , then he was saying :

"hmms, its speed is.... *saw someone running behind studio again and he goes* DEFINITELY faster than that person running outside !!!"
we all turned around and its a fatso running!!!!! HAHAHAHA. super funnny! laughed non stop lor! cause the person running very sloww. HAHAHA.

anyways, school was over by 12noon, and i only had to be in school by 6.30, went home to take a nap! and why do i have to be back in school at that time~?

cause i joined IceSkating!! hahah. at first i hesitated about joining cause it seemed like nobody's joining. then who knows my another group of friends were all going!

heh heh. and so decided to go! shuttle bus from school to Kallang leisure park at around 6.30!

:DDDDDDD its been a long time ever since i iceskated again! all my seniors chio bus! hahaha. and coaching were taught at our own speed. like example, you can skate pretty well already, then they'll teach you something else!

so one of my seniors corrected abit of my skating, and indeed my speed went much faster! hahaha. but anyways, some of us requested them to teach us how to brake! and i spent the whole night trying to brake.

2 hours just passed liddat! didnt managed to master how to brake, but at least i got abit of it correct! by then its 10 plus already and hence i headed off first. the rest were still skating away. hahaha~

fun fun! :D

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