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Field Trip at Red Dot Museum & URA City Gallery !

heh heh. it was last friday after my S&W ! met up with my CATS module friends, had lunched, slacked around OurSpace before heading there!

you know, now field trips in poly aint the same as those which you get in secondary schools! hahaha. back then in sec schools, we would be fetched by feeder bus to the site and back to school, so on and so forth.

but in poly.... hahaha you have so much freedom! ok basically, they just give you a tasksheet and the place which you have to go, and you would be required to do a write up later. just go there and mark you attendace, and you can go HOME anytime. (as long as you're done)

wahahah! so actually we were required to spend 1 hour at each site, and then proceed to the next. so our group was like saying : "ehh, faster go through the place then can go home already!"

HAHAH. so we settled both sites in an hour. hahahah~ went home to sleeep~

Red Dot Museum is indeed VERY RED.

hahaha. anyways, pictures taken that day really suck. either its slanted or angle is not right. cause my phone is running out of batt and i had to hurry! HAHAHA. if not nothing to blog here. heh hehs.

another badly taken photo. hahaha.

ok so anyway, i did mention that our group slacked at our space before going over rights!

we were playing this "stacko" game or whatever, to kill time! seriously i suck at this and i toppled it over. HAHAH. but its not entirely at fault. look at what the tower became after merely two rounds !

POST-Mothers' Day Dinner @ BoonLay Raja !

hahaha. this time round my mum brought my grandma and others out to eat! hehs. it's just yesterdayyy. (: actually went there for quite a few times already. some dishes were yummy but some werent. haha!

reflection from the glass!

think we ate till around 8plus before we went home! was seriously tired yesterday and i went to sleep at around 11plus near 12 ! but still.... i only manage to fall asleep at 1plus. HAHA!

ANDD, right now im having ITB lecture. boring as usual,.. hehs. and its raining on every monday morning! ok i know its totally irrelavent. lol ! my ITB classroom was pretty this morning! shall tell you in the next post.

i feel like getting a new blogskin (background) again.. so im blogging till here first! :D im updating more frequently now!

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