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im so sorry as i've practically been overflooded with projects and all that, and hence i dont have time to do a proper entry! to be truthful, i rather not have any E-Learning week at all. cause our workload is MORE than what we have during schooling weeks.

and speaking of that.. i just realised i FORGOT to do my MIEC commends! oh gosh. wthhhhhh. its to be submitted by 11.59pm. and now its like 12.44am ! argh.

have been rushing from school to house, and from house to friends' house! i guess if i continue to rant, i can rant until the next morning. oh wells. ANYWAY, im gonna flood you with my pictures !

sadly... my phone died just when i was on my way out! i forgot to charge! so for the whole day i was like

" T______T my phone....... my phone......"

LOL. cause i was expecting calls from my friends! i complain until others started complaining about me HAHAHA.

ANYWAY, met up with joycelene, andrew, keith, yongxiang, reuben, ruslan, ryan and ahkiat to go to Cineleisure Orchard ! caught a movie while waiting for others to come, so we watched Angels & Demons !!

at first i felt it was boring.

dont know what they were talking about. cause its hard to follow their english accent! then..... it got nicer and nicer! hahaa! not bad a movie afterall ! (: and im super excited cause lots of horror movies are coming up, like SOOOOOONNNN ! (:

so after the movie... went to kpool to wait for jack damien and kangyi to join us !! hahaha yongxiang super cute lor. cause he anyhow hit the ball ma, in the end the black ball went into the pocket ! HAHAHA. and ruslan was super funny. he kept on "HE HE HE" LOL.

SO.... we went off at around 6plus! wanted to go to Astons at The Cathay to eat! but as we got there, the queue was super duper long! despite the fact that its a weekday ! =\

hence we ended up at "JustAcia!" at Dhoby Xchange ! i think their food there is not bad! reasonably priced with free flow of drinks and icecream. heh heh. moreover they have toys to play one lorr!

I TOOK PICTURES!! like,... ALOT ALOT ALOT! but..... not in my phone T.T i have to keep on borrowing yongxiang's phone. so im waiting for him to send me! else i wont be slotting my pictures in between these paragraphs. hahaha.

and so after eating.. we got abit bored. and ryan and damien decided to play the scissors paper stone game. whoever lost had to eat the parsley or something. (the green stuff that's always used for garnishing"

who knows ryan lost like ALL 3 rounds ! HAHAHA. we really laughed away like hell lor. its like i laugh until my chest and stomach pain. HAHAHA. then ruslan even said that he could get 6 packs liddat. LOL.

slacked till around 9 plus before we homed! goshh yongxiang where's my pictures ~

** NEW MOON movie is coming out this december!

*** dancesports tmr! weehees !

**** things always cropped up when i've just completed my assignment! like i took so long to complete that BCOM minutes template. and now my lappy cant open that file! like wth !

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