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went to school around 9am for BSTATS tutorial! and i forgot to bring the worksheets which i had completed! .____. ahhh, luckily i still can remember some of the answers!

anyways, went to BCOM tutorial! hahaha. lesson was quite enjoyable cause its Captain Andrew lesson! i was still munching my sandwhich away during his class. hahahah.

and after many crop ups, we managed to have everything put on track! as in, joycelene's birthday celebration plan and everything. almost gave all of us a heart attack when she say she's not going come for the dinner! (she still didnt know it was for her :x )

hahaha. since the cake was sold out in the bakery, we only managed to buy those small pieces one! hahahah. and yongxiang was super funny!

cause there's candle and no lighter, we had no idea how to light it up. and so, just nice some people were eating those mini steamboat noodles and yongxiang went over and goes like :

"hello, can i borrow your fire?" HAHHA. it doesnt sounds funny but his actions does !!

anyway.. had lunch and quickly went back for OBSE tutorial! another slacking tutorial.

school ends around 4 for me, and headed to OurSpace to find others! well, we were planning to go dinner, and since our GLs had something on, waited for them!

i practically surfed the net until there's nothing to surf. i wanna ask my bro to teach me bypass the internet ! roarrr. they blocked off network to all gaming sites. and facebook is so lag! (yes yes i started using facebook)

waited till 7plus before we walked to Bukit Timah Plaza to dine at Pizza Hut !

we ordered the happy mothers' day meal ! but it just serves 4!

and they have this drink! called the Strawberry Jingle or something.

sound so christmas-sy. hahahah. im gonna try making this drink when im going to work on saturday! its just syrup and soda, apparently.

the whole group of us was making such a big din there! kena complained LOL. but kept on forgetting to keep our volume down. played alot of games and etc etc! hahah. and since its like 9.30 already, shared cab with others and went home!

heh hehs. Happy 17th Birthday again! :DDD

*** by the way, this post was done on the 8th May!

just came home from ice skating training and im so worn out! shall blog about it tomorrow. moreover, i still have work! busy busy lady!

&&&, Facebook is giving me a heart attack ! shall tell you why sooon~

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