Monday, May 11, 2009


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Bro signed up this line for me while we're at Causeway Point just now! HAHAHA.

Still have no idea what it is? its actually a device which provides me with internet access everywhere i go! :D BUT, although my bro signed this up for me, i still have to pay for it myself!

Its around 27bucks per month! AND, i think its absolutely worth it.

you may say its useless cause i will have internet access at school & home!

BUT LOOK! now, i can have my own line in school!

#1. I will not have to worry about not being able to connect to the internet at OurSpace. (which frequently happens to ONLY me!) and usually by the time i can connect, its time for my next lesson -.-

#2. secondly,... i do not have to compete with the other thousands students out there for the internet! cause usually when school starts, the speed gets so slow that it takes up to a WHOLE day to load a youtube video!

and neither do i have to worry about facebook hanging on me! HAHAH.

#3. thirdly... i do not have to try and bypass the school network! HAHA! which means,.. i can have my access to online games. :DDD

#4. AND, i can even access the internet while im on the train or bus home! so i dont have to worry about falling asleep and nodding my head everywhere. hahaha!

so.. BEHOLD!

seeee, its worth it ! and it's like less than a dollar per day.
&&&, i get to youtube and play online games at much faster speeds!

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