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im likka boring till i have to blog to keep myself awake!
but still... today isnt my day. hehs.

was watching videos and surfing net ytd all the way until its 3am before i noticed the time! and and, since keith was asking if im gonna take his dad's car, i kept on weighing about time, travelling, fares and etc for a very long time in my bed!

you see, if i took his dad's car, i would have to wake up at 6am and reach school super early. but i get to save bus fares and need not squeeze with the people taking shuttle buses! but then again, if i took the shuttle bus, i could wake up 45mins later.

in the end i decided to wake up early. hahaha. (which isnt a wise choice either)

anyway... it was freaking cold this morning! + afternooon. and i kept on breaking out into cold sweat. luckily i wasnt running a fever. you see, i still have this persistent cough with me! should i visit the doctor for the third time?


anyways, went for breakfast before heading off to lessons! monday is the only and MOST boring day of the week! not forgetting the fact that im lacking of sleeep. i even fell asleep during my lunch break!

and right now im in my lecture. and this angmoh talks super duper sloww ! i wonder how she's going to finish her 95 (!!!) slides in 2 hours. and actually, school should end at 4 today!! but since there was a reschedule, it ended at 6 instead.

which means there's an hour break ltr. long day! (okay its much better than others alr haha!) my slippers are spoiling and im thinking of getting a pair of short heels later on at chongpang. hmmmm.


anyways... for the past few days, either im out with my family to buy some stuffs, or im staying at home. Oh, i went to work yesterday. (: gosh i seriously missed working there!

its not that im a workaholic but i missed those little kids who came frequently to buy drinks! so ytd when i went back, they told me that those kids were like asking "Eh, where is that jiejie? where is that jiejie? "

hahahah. and oh, there's a new helper at work. :D he's my boss' nephew.

&&&&, as i was doing quizes on facebook, there was this part !

Neuroticism (Emotional stability)

This trait refers to the way you cope with, and respond to, life's demands.

Approximately 3.5% of respondents have a lower neuroticism raw
percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you are someone
who is extremely difficult to upset or stress out, since you rarely, if ever, react with negative emotions,

and even when you are anxious about something the feeling quickly passes.

hahha. is being too laid back a bad thing?

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