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ITB Project at PeiQin's House ! hehs.

met up with joycelene, xavier and eunice at 10.30 before going over to Peiqin's house! :D

at first i thought it would be done pretty fast. who knows when i look at the sample given, then i realised that i've done previously were all wrong laaa! T.T so redo redo all the way till 3 plus! and i dont think the project is near to completion luh T.T

and so halfway throughh peiqinn took my phone to play! she and her unstable hands HAHA!

xavier and eunice !

me and joycelene!
her room macam laundry room hor!! LOL.
but no laa, just this angle (:

eunice and peiqin! haha!
practically camwhoring away~ here here your pictures xD

anyways.. rushed till around 3plus before going off with joycelene!

met up with bf at amk hubb and we went pooling!

T.T lost to him all rounds !

ahhhhhhh. ): my skills macam gone alr! damn sad! need to play more already HAHA. nevermind dont talk about this alreadyy.

went to have a drink at MosBurger before we went walking around amk and yishun. haha! accompanied bf for dinner at the jap foodcourt there before he sent me home. (((: hee.

and as for todayyyy (monday), went to school in the morning for KPT MIEC Consultation !! was so shag and i even contemplated about skipping it. but nevertheless still went lahhh. (: im glad i did lor !! cause...


thats like alot cannn! she went through everything from topic 1 alll the way to where our lecturer covered last week! :DDDDD almost 3 hours cann. but its very fruitful!

went back to OffRoads Cafe to work! & i get to see bf for the whole day. :D

**although its E-Learning week but im still going back to school oftenly ! going back tmr for project and dancesports again. sighhhh.

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