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Just a few days and i've changed two speakers! :D


for the past 6 months or so, i've been using this hands-me-down speakers from my brother! nonetheless, its way better than my pathetic speakers (which is from my computer), and it has a strong bass!

anyway, my bro pass this to me 6mths ago just because he bought a new Black EVO 5 Sonic Gear speakers ! like almost 90 bucks! and...

when i came home on friday, i found my speakers missing !!! thought my room got raided or something lor! and it was only then, that my bro came home with TWO new speakers!

and one of them is this!

perhaps there's a blue moon or something that made him give me a NEW speakers! okay as compared to my previous one, its bigger and prettier !

BUT! the bass isnt too good. cause i dont know for what reason, the bass speaker was designed at the back instead! what's the point right, cause everything is projected to the wall .___.

complained to my bro that i wanted my old speakers. HAHAHA. he sort of say okok. then SUDDENLY, he asked "eh do you want my this current black speakers anot"

*eyes light up!!!* ITS HIS BLACK EVO 5 SPEAKERS !!

HAHAHA. OF COURSE I WANT LAH! i've been eyeing it lor! hahahahahaha!


and i happily carried it to my room! :DD

AND AGAIN, this is definitely even BIGGER and PRETTIER! hahahha. and the reason my bro would offer me cause he had bought a WHITE EVO 5 Speakers ! he's been eyeing the white one ever since he bought this black one last time. but there isnt any stock!

wahahah. my bro macam rich guy. dont know where he dig his money from one. BUT! nevermind~ i have my chio and super duper good bass speakers can already! wahahah. be envious !!

ANYWAYS, its Mothers' Day a while ago!

considered that the time now is like 1am+.

my bro and i gave her our presents on saturday night! since she'll be working on sunday. and she's darn happy! she was like saying " it feels better than my birthday ". hahahh. AND! i rmb she took alot pictures of the presents we gave her. :D

and todayyyyyy (sunday), my bro and i intended to treat her to Seoul Gardens today. he said i only need to pay half the amount of my mum's share can already! rest he treat. so i went.

but in the end... my mum couldnt make it cause she had agreed with my AUNT to go out with her already. and we didnt inform her earlier. so..... seoul garden just between me and bro. LOL. and the worst thing is, he didnt even treat me lor!

roarrr. i got duped to Seoul Gardens!!!! .____.

AND AND AND, i bought a pink monkey at minitoons! :DD

ehh, i was born in the year of monkey! and with the monkey i bought back then in Japan~, now i have two monkeys hanging around in my room! wahahaha!

the pink monkey, you can actually pull their hands / legs one! like short hands long legs, or long hands short legs ! and as for the yellow one, press it and it'll scream! HAHAHA. super cute lor.

and my mum commented that my room's gonna turn into a zoo. which derek and william had commented back then when they came my house for project. HAHAHA.


** anyways... money's been flowing out of my wallet SUPER fast this week! and when i mean super fast, its like almost 300bucks for just this week ! and the worse thing is, i dont know why!

like money spent on friend's bdaes, mum's presents, textbook, shoes, dance, iceskating, taxifares (HAHA) & blogshopping! okay la not forgetting food and mrt fares ! seriously, adult fares is killing the hell outta me, and i dont really wanna burden my mum with it.

blogshopping !!! i should cut down that already! just this week, i've spent like almost 70 bucks on it! and the previous week, it should be 30 plus. gosh! money money come back to me. ):

ending my post with ..........



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