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Me, Keith and Amelia !

while slacking and waiting for friends :D

&&.. behold my lappy ! ehh i tell you, the girl in my desktop darn pretty! HAHAH. ok la this is just a random picturee.

ANYWAYS, early in the morning went over to keith's block! cause he just lived somewhat opposite me and i managed to get a ride in his dad's car ! hahaha. saved the hassle of queuing for shuttle buses and fares :x

heh heh. reached school pretty early and off we went to the underpass to slack while waiting for others to come! and i guess we went to our respective blocks around 9am. (:

had a BSTATs tutorial and it seemed like a maths lesson! hahaha. and i think i liked our tutor :D hahaha.

eating packed lunch at the Makan place ! its darn funny! let me tell you why. hahaha.

cause all of us had our break at 1pm, decided to meet up for lunch! headed to alumni clubhouse, but it was filled with people! and in the end, those who couldnt get a place headed to SIM to eat.

and since its gonna be crowded as well, we decided to go Makan place and tabao food! bring takeaways to the underpass to eat. so there we were, with all our takeaways ready to go, there was this big empty table infront of us. LOL. and its clean !

hahaha in the end we decided to stay put and eat. ahhaha. really lor! super funny and we kept on laughing! hahahha.

anyways, rushed back to tutorial again. remember i once mentioned that there was this tutor of mine who's very random and cute? yes yes it was his tutorial again, captain andrew.

so he was like going through the powerpoint slides and all, and he sort of ended early. bad response from the class anyway, when he asked questions and etc. soo... it ended up with HE, telling us about his stories from the sea and etc. (he used to be captain!)

so from doing group discussion to sharing his stories, we ended up youtubing! HAHAH. he's damn cool lo. and he was telling us about this group called "Ok Go" and he started saying like

Him : Eh you guys know ah, there's this group called "Ok Go"?

Us : hahaha teacher, which era one. 50s 60s 70s or 80s ? LOL.

Him : nonono! its quite recent one. maybe i should get you guys to dance

Us : ?!?! teacher you gonna demostrate ah? *laughs

Him : eh, its sort of like a gym dance. come i show you all!

hahaha. and in the end we were youtubing away! but it takes a long time to load! here's the video! its SUPER CUTE! just click it, dont be lazy. it has got 46million views so far!

and then since there was still some time after that.. started playing ice breaking games again. LOL. super funny! laughed non stop. hahaha.

and there's solomon with his super blur face. HAHAH.

and anyways, class ended around 4pm! was trying to psycho kaixun to join dancesport during lessons anyway. HAHAHA.

went down to Our Space to find my other friends who were slacking there as well! gosh i didnt knew there was this corner! cause all along i was at the other corner where all the tables and chairs were.

hahaha. and i was like " oh this place is cool! " hahaha. gosh i sound like some country bumpkin lor. anyway.. started watched videos and etc. and cause the vid was very funny, i kept laughing to myself. LOL. and my friends were like "why you keep on laughing to urself one?" HAHAHA.

waited till around 5.15 before we went off for an interview. BA Envoys interview. think i screwed it LOL. they posed me a question like

Him : Elephant or Ant. choose one and convince us why.

Me : *then i thought of the ants crawling about and EWW* OK ELEPHANTS !!!

Him : Why elephants and not ants?

Me : *thought of the ants again* cause they freak the hell outta me

Him : Ohh.. and why elephants?

Me : cause they're much cuter as compared to ants !!

LOL. seriously, i cant believe i said THAT. cause it was only UNTIL the time when the other two are done with their answers, i then realised i should have crapped something about

"ohh ants, cause regardless of rain or shine they're always so hardworking"

HAHAHA. i cant believe i gave such a brainless answer. LOL. ok laa forget about it. screwed it and i dont think im gonna make it. hahahahah.

and ohya, the guy on the left is yongxiang! and he's my primary ONE classmate !! hahahah. cool or what? HAHAH.

ok let me digress abit. no more about school. lets talk about SWINE FLU! arghh.. this stupid swine flu epidemic thing pissing me offf !

1. cause actually today,.. my mum was planning to bring me to JB with my aunt to go shoppingggg! and because of this swine flu, it was cancelled!

2. worse of all, actually my mum and her friends wanted to go to duno where in China for a short trip. and because of this swine flu,.. it was cancelled! which means i cannot sneak out at night. (LOL)

3. you guys know that i was down with cough and flu about two weeks ago right, i've yet to recover from the cough. and so.. now whenever i started to cough, and it happens to be on the bus or train,

PEOPLE STARTED LOOKING AT ME! macam i down with swine flu! ahhhhhhhhh. its typical cough ok ok ok !

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