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Pictures taken during Ghetto outing!

thanks yongxiang ! :D

ANYWAY, i forgot to mention that we went to take neoprints! HAHAHA. its like super cute lorr. cause its been ages ever since we all stepped into one! moreover, lots of neoprint shops are closing down now.

heh heh. we made hell lot of noise LOL.

KPool after that ! :D


JustAcia !

and who says they dont have toys? haha!

seriously when the waitress came taking the orders we were damn paiseh ! they i forgot someone said " wah we all looked like childhood deprived kids LOL"

and as i took this pict, ryan said he's gonna kill me if this appears on my blog HAHA.

anyways, i found a new feature of my phone's cam!

i can use the inner camera instead of the outer one!
dont know how to say leis. its like using the lens for making 3G calls to take pictures !

but of course, it wont be 5mega pix lahhs.

and i was trying out different modes and this pict came out so small!
hahaha nvm laa.

ANYWAY, saw those papers on my desktop? i was busy re-copying them! those were my MIEC notes. caused i scribbled everything down during MIEC, i had to rewrite them. woosh.

AND, i've spent the whole day rushing my E-Learning homework! seriously, its alot ! and i dont like it ! for the ITB quiz... i ask my bro to do it for me LOL. i dont like studying ITB, seriously. so.. i did..

- ITB Quiz / worksheet
- BSTATS Elearning quiz
- OBSE Quiz on handling conflicts
- OBSE tutorial
- MIEC notes !

all in today ok ! hahaha. super worn out now. argh. and cause it feels like a sunday to me.. i kept on doing! no laa.. tmr going out. (:


on a side note... i've been getting more and MORE forgetful nowadays!

Just around the time when my school starts, i kept on forgetting my wallet and dropping them everywhere a couple of times ! example..

#1. leaving my wallet in class and not realising it till i went for lunch!
#2. dropped my wallet somewhere and not realising it till my friend found it and smsed me!
#3. leaving my wallet behind at makan place, till my friend called me to tell me!

T________T and all these like happened within a week!

and now... its not wallet. its my keys LOL.

#1. the other time i went to Offroads cafe to get some drink, and i left my keys behind!

#2. three days ago when i went to lunch with friends at my neighborhood, i left my keys behind as well! until i got home and im like " EH, where's my key? " LOL.

#3. just today ! went to this place for awhile, before getting a drink at the offroads cafe. THEN, i realised i lost my keys again! LOL. but ok laa... i found it back . :D

perhaps next time it'll be my phone's turn LOL.

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