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Pretty morning !


what a disappointment thou.
and i forgot if tcher said he'll postpone it or not. haha!

nevermind laa. AND irritating shaoxi kept on plugging off the mains switch from this table! AHHHH ! and my lappy just suddenly goes blank ! i think he didnt realise his table's main switch was linked to mine, and he did that like a couple of times!

roarrrrr. im so gonna screw you lor ! moreover i just managed to load finish my youtube! GAHHH.

anyways.. met up with bf at causeway after that! hehs.. watched Night at the Museum 2 ! quite nice and funny! go watch go watch (: and bf sent me home after that (:

&& i like this picture alot !!

& we had Envoy's Fitness Friday on FRIDAY! hahaha.

had some icebreaking games before they proceeded into Captain's ball.

BUT, being jaslin, i decided not to play. HAHA! cause i was wasnt in sports wear! you see, i just bathed before coming back to school in the afternoon! dont wanna get myself all sweaty. AND, i was in slippers! how to run ?!?!

hahaha alot excuses hor. okay laa but basically i really dislike ballgames, like this for instant. bball, and etc etc. the ball always come hit me one !!! SO.... i sat by the side and watch them play ! heh heh.

damien was nice enough to go all the way to the canteen to get another chair for me! and Ryan was nice enough to lemme his phone to take pictures, and his Ipod just incase i got bored! hahaha. my Ghetto SLs simply rock man~ hahahaha!

ANYWAYS.. had dancesports for S&W that morning!

AND, friday is fully packed (& fun!!) cause...



BUT ...


ahhhhhh. the other time when we came, it was just the few of us. and yet its so horribly packed now ! dont know what's the occasion, seriously. even the movie ticketing area was packed as well!

with so much people means that there's alot people zipping through here and there! and... the place is pretty wet. gahhhhh. but ok lahhs, smoother. BUT, i still prefer it to be dry HAHA. better to train on mah !




heh heh. seriously, fangjie and i spent the whole of two hours trying to grasp it! and my seniors were really nice and patient! think it should be Eddy and another guy. bah anyways, yay yay yay i know how alreadyyy ! darn happy! ^^

BUT, i fell down two times!! T.T and on both occasions,.. the same girl came and bang into me !! i was like practicing how to brake near the rink.. and suddenly *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* and the next moment this girl came banging into me. LOL.

i fell la of course, but this girl banged her head against the rink. -.- kids nowadays are seriously very daring. HAHA!



although white is still my fav color HAHA!

went out with nariko, fangjie and sheena at bugis! met them before we headed to our S&W's instructor dance school ! Shawn & Gladys Danceworld. and... the chinese name for their school is the same as my chinese name ! hahaha~

okay lahh. main purpose was to get our dancing heels. BUT, there isnt much selection and size! so.. didnt really get it. and i have no idea if i should go for the Waltz classes and competition !

ANYWAY.. mum came to find me from outram park thou. so... didnt went to meet up with my friends at haji lane. decided to go back northpoint to get my handphoneeeee. like oh-so-finally lorr.

was deciding which phone to get! Samsung or LG ! but the Samsung i wanted was way to expensive for me. so i settled for LG ! i decided to stop taking Sony Erricsson phones lorr. their phones used to be good. take note, USED to be ! now its like... -.-

ok lah perhaps cause i was using the most faulty Sony Erricsson phone - W910i. seriously, spoilt on the first day i bought it.

heh hehhs. DOESNT MY PHONE LOOKS LIKE A CAMERA? :D and the best part is that its 5 megapixels! *screams around~ wahahhaa.

HAHA! and that means now i can give up the idea of getting a camera for my bdae present this year!! :DDD

i was still contemplating which color to get at northpoint today. pink or white? pink or white? hahah. really wanted to choose white ! but in the end i chose pink. for a change! else everything of mine would be white lorr.

hehs. but im really having a hard time trying to adapt over to my LG phone now. im too acustomed to using sony phones! like 4years plus alr. andddd, this has no keypad! have to touchscreen touchscreen~ smsing now is like a torture T.T

nvm! i still love you pretty. :D

close up !

heehee. im happy todayy~ and my bro is so tempted to get a phone now HAHA. he's still waiting for his ORD. anyways.. back to my phone.. someone help me with the features T.T i feel so much like a retard ! gahhhhhh!

NVM. shall get myself an ipod like either soon or something. cause i give up on the playlist!

test-shot while at the shop! hahahah.
no more blurry pictures ~!

BAHH anyway, while on my way out today, was approached by some MediaCorp guy saying that mediacorp is scouting for new looks for shows and etc. and so he was asking if i could join his modelling team and blah blah blah. rejected him LOL.

heeheehee. im gonna work + do projects + slack and everything!


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