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School always start at 1pm for me on tuesdayyyyyys! so i can always sleep all the way till 10 plus. hahaha. anyway...... MIEC tutorial is KPT is as usuall. hahaha.

everytime i read through the text, she doesnt goes through them. instead she went through tutorials which i never did ! rahh. but still, she's better to us as compared to her first two lessons alr. hahah.

but still... i got called out just because i resembled another classmate of mine, who happened to be answering her questions infront. like ?!?!?!. BUT, i dont look like my classmate ok!

ok anywayyy... dancesports practice at 6.30pm ! went with the same group of people and kaixun as well! danced ChaCha again. was pretty funny cause whenever the instructor asks us to change partner, me and fangjie just keep switching with each other. HAHA!

okayy there isnt much to update! just some treats for your eyes in lecture. (((: i do update regularly okay!


** im going kayaking for my OBSE tutorial tomorrow~ woohooo~

*** next week is E-Learning week ! which means... i get to stay at home for the whole of next week! hahahah. ;D

Life catches you unaware

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