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did you managed to read it? its about my MIEC tutorial. if you did, lucky you. if you've not, thats too bad. haahah. why dont you come sit in my class.

anywayyy.. whatever defamement policy ngee ann holds, i dont wanna get into trouble with them and end up making my life in MIEC terribly horrible. BUT! i didnt mention names!

in a nutshell, i've got a WOW tutor for MIEC! she's just FABULOUS lor. and as quoted from my friend, "whoever gets her as a tutor is the worst thing that can happen in NP".


AND BESIDES, our advisor just got a complain from her. WOW.

-Complained just because we had a so called attitude problem (baseless accusation anyway. Fallacy of Composition)

Complained just because

"PPF is a curve showing possible combinations of the two types of goods that can be produced when all available sources are employed fully and efficiently, where it is also a boundary between inefficient and unattainable combination" was rejected as the defination of PPF.

hello, we even went on to describe what economic concepts it demostrates lor! AH, in short, she pissed the whole class off. if i were to elaborate, i'll be fuming away once again.

ANYWAY, I simply adores wednesdays to fridays! cause all the modules are enjoyable! i have a video about my presentation today(6 May) ! shall upload it soon!

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