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tell you later on. i shall start blogging from Monday !!

BUT, just to tell you in advance, this post is filled with MY pictures !


i have no idea why but this room is always freezing cold! and worst of all, it was pouring cats and dogs outside the classroom. haha! BUT! i did make the right choice in bringing my super thick hoodie that morning~

hahaha. see, raining still got hoodie. HAHAH. :D
i got a strong 6th sense! LOL.

anddd, during break, all of us started going to the atrium to buy bread and snacks back to class! hahaha! looks like we having picnic lorr. but seriously, i dislike ITB tutorials cause i find them no point. worse, there's common test coming up soon!


school starts at 1pm for me. hahaha. finally i have time to sleep in! seriously, im starting to love my timetables. HAHAH! except mondays where i have 4hours of ITB!

tuesdays i can sleep in, so its ok!
wednesdays and thursdays are Captain Andrew's day = slack!!
fridays are fun cause i have S&W (dancesports again !)

wahahaha. i shall elaborate later !!

ANYWAYS, there's MIEC tutorial on tues!

the koh poh tee. well.. she's suddenly VERY nice to us! as in when we dont know the answers, she'll guide as abit, and even supply us with answers!! first time!!

AND, when i didnt get the answer and ask her for hint, she still gave me!

she even asked me to join her class during study break (which is for weaker students) cause i called her earlier on regarding the PPF graph. heh! if only she's always as nice lorr.

BUT! it must be cause of the graduation ceremony that day ! that's why she's in a good mood. hmmm.. ANYWAY, went off to library to slack with friends before kaixun came!

meeting to go dancesports after that. YES, its kaixun! and its dancesports! HAHAHA. see my psychoing skills so good. :DDD

OMG likka goldfish.

HAHA! anyway.. dancesports on tuesday was pretty fun! learnt quite a few steps, but its hard to put them together! its not like the usual hiphop / modern dance where everything just falls in perfectly. like everything is a very natural process.

but as for dancesports, i have to take note of my legs, my hands and my posture! but one thing for sure is, its challenging! but i like! LOL. ok laa perhaps im still new to it. (:


im having a presentation that afternoon and the attire is smart casual!

AND.. i guess this is the FIRST PINK top that i ever bought for myself! hahaha. my mum used to buy lots of pink tops for me, but i've never wore them. heh heh. and.. borrowed short heels from my mum!

cause mine are at least 3 inches high everytime. and im tired of wearing them. LOL. but~ i ended up with a big water blister at the end of the day! ):

i made this tissue rose!

ok lahh i know its not big deal. lots of my friends know how to. HAHAHA! but its to teach joycelene! cause she's doing the topic on tissue roses for BCOM tutorial!

you guys know.. i totally stressed out on tuesday night! or rather wednesday morning. cause its 2am in the morning and i've yet to prepare my presentation. my topic is on..


hahahha. it was supposed to be STRICTLY 3mins! and my first rehearsal took 7mins! goshh. cut down and etc etc. and luckily, my presentation took 2mins 57 seconds! wheeheehee. im happy!

cause my presentation was considered a "success". (((: hahaha. in terms of timing and etc etc! but still... have no idea how i scored. will know results next week!


HAHAH. today is darn funnny!

anyway.. morning was pretty bad for me. cause i fell asleep the previous night while i did my BSTATs tutorial halfway! and worse of all, i got a prank call during midnight with weird voices over the phone.

and.. while waiting for the shuttle bus, called my dad and he told me something... ........ something overwhelming and overbearing. sigh. i need time for news to sink in. but could i accept it? nevermind, guess i'll just blog it in my private blog..

ANYWAY! (: saw the picture above? hahaha. we were waiting for captain andrew to come! and Joel (the guy above) was going to teach us : how to play guitar.

and guess what? the guys started joking with each other and they started throwing a few five cents on his guitar cover! HAHAHHA. SO FUNNY. and mean lor!

and i forgot what this was. but there's lots of sweet inside the strawberry !

yanting (girl in pict) passed me the strawberry and ask me to take and pass! and so.. since the hole (made by hitting it) was pretty small, and i cant see what im taking, joycelene said : wahh you're like digging gold. HAHAHAH.


and so its a slack day! and so, casual wear! HAHAH.

seriously, he's damn cute lahhs. the other day at lecture, he had some technical problem and there he goes : "ehh help help !!! some technical problem here !!"

LOL. and there we were, laughing till we're out of breath. HAHA! cause the way he talk is always super funny! and he's very random in class lor. best thing is, he allow us to use MSN / facebook or whatever! as long as we listened (:

you guys should check out my dynamic picture on msn sometime. HAHAH. anyways,.. maybe we're going canoeing on his next OBSE tutorial! :D

anyway.. headed home and KO-ed until noww! hahaha. woke up by joycelene's call and i went to check my mail !!

cause... its the results of my BAEnvoys application!

I got in!
I got in!
I got in!

everyone in ghetto rap who applied got in too! double hoorays!
out of other 400plus applicants. wheee! (:

- I dont like to be the excuse for you to hurt your gf,
when there's nothing up at all.
she's wonderful, cherish her.
its impossible between us.

-Im tired. its wearing out.
too many things happening,
too little time for me.
i need a rest; i cant be a superwoman everytime.

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