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ALL the pictures in this blogpost will be ME ME ME !


ANYWAY, went out with bf on sunday! but since im not meeting him that early... played with my phone camera again! hahahah.

AND, i have no idea why this pict's contrast comes out liddat.
got abit of chao ahlian feel hor !!




hahaha this picture dont look like me lor LOL.
ok laa whatever.

Anyway... met up with bf at causeway point. wanted to catch a movie but there isnt one which i really fancy. lots of nice movies coming out! (i suppose they're nice laa)

#1. Dance, Subaru
#2. Blood, the last vampire
#3. Drag me to Hell
#4. Threads Of Destiny
#5. Autopsy (2009)

all out in the month of june! wahahaha. ok laa, whatever that's related to dance somehow makes me wanna watch. LOL. AND, more horror movies / thrillers coming out ! happy ! and bf's gonna be dead cause im dragging him along. :D

okay anyway... he insisted that he's super cute when he was young, and he showed me his pict la.. but then, I STILL THINK MY PICTURES CUTER LORRRR.



okay she's my aunt, not my mum.
wahahaha better say cute lorr. else i whack people alr.

AND this ! have no idea it was taken at what age thou. hahaha.


okay back to point! anywayy,.. since there aint much movies, went to CCK Lot 1 ! && i didnt know there's movie theatres there LOL. its been ages since i last went there. bought tics for Monsters VS Aliens.

slacked around with bf and his friends. his friends all CCK de lorr. LOL. ok laa cause he also live there ma. (: slacked till around 6plus before we went for movie! okay the movie... wasnt really interesting. feel like walking out halfway during the movie!

ok laa although its abit funny. but still it gives me abit of the Simpsons feel and etc etc. so basically... i think not nice laa. bf sent me home after that! (:

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