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Annual Dancesports Camp !

woke up late in the morning and cabbed to school to meet fangjie. hahaha. anyway, was in Sylvester Group !! (: had some icebreaking games, some were gross and some were tiring HAHA.

best part is when the seniors guys started dancing to songs like nobody and etc. HAHA. super gay lorr. so.. had lunch and dance lessons before we headed off to Loft ! anyway.. learnt rock and roll for dancesports. fun fun !

anyway.. this was where we stay !

is uber pretty ! hahaha. and connie kept repeating she likes this loft. hahaha. got a feel of staying in a condo. hahaha. everything was pretty well furnished. except for the fact that they're short of a television HAHA.

best thing is they have 3 rooms and alot of beds! so one person to each. hahaha. anyway.. changed to dirty clothings for the dirty games ltr on !! their dirty games, some of them were super ewww.

yes yes this this !

its like they put something in the middle, and 2 person have to go and crawl over to fight for it. and guess what they have on that mat !

they have like, butter, egg, soy sauce, mayonise, mustard, oil, sugar, salt and all these! the smell is darn gross lo ! when the wind blow in my face i literally felt like puking. and of course, i manage to skip this game cause of my leg :D

the last round! everyone has to get down there. gosh

this picture nice right !! hehe..

anyway.. our second game was quite alright. just got spray-painted and painted like no tmr only. HAHA

and this game as well! gave it a miss cause its super ewww. hahaha.

they mixed eggs. butter, curry and everything and poured on ppl! like zomg.

went back to loft after that !

super dirty smelly and tired. hahaha. and this was the view from the balcony !! pretty or not? :D hahaha. finally get to bathed and all these. ordered mac with connie !! the rest were contented with cupnoodles alr T.T

Day two !

hahaha. after dancelessons in the morning, proceeded back to loft to do our choreography! (:

and the performance at night ! :D
the seniors were super hilarious. laughed until i almost had a stomachache.

should have took picture HAHAH.

went back to loft to rest for the night!

others were happily dancing for the hopnight, while our group were simply too tired to. we girls went back and gossip gossip and more gossip while the guys were not around! hahah~

i slept early that night as i had full reasons to. HAHAH. while the others were playing outside. they used markers to drew on people that lost the game! other rooms were worst. whoever slept sure kena HAHAH.

so the next day.. everyone had drawings all over their hands and legs and face!

by the third day we were all so tired ! i akmost gave the sentosa trip a miss. hahaha. oh wells.

oh and this !

this was the basket that val and i could hide completely inside HAHAH. it became val's bed too. hahaha

anyways at sentosa ! played some icebreaking games while it rained.

continued with the treasure hunt game afterwards ! and went down the water to get wet. was funn ! just that sunburning isnt fun. =\

tadahh~ and breakcamp!

went to meet bf at vivo. :D nice of him to specially come fetch me home before he went for fathers' day dinner. i forgot to wish my dad happy fathers day ! now im feeling so guilty..

and just a few hours under the sun and im like that !! tsk. but the weird thing is it has yet to peel.. roarrr. but its still painful !!

anyway.. my mum finally cooked that night! hahaha.. its not like my mum cooks everynight.. so.. whenever she cooks i'll sure be home hehs. guess i'll blog til here first ~

off to meet shuhui before to collect my things ! perhaps i'll blog about my BA envoys another day.. :DDDD toodles !

bf is acting ___ on msn. tsk! HAHA.

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