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BA Envoys camps rocks my socks off,

while Incredibles rock my ahgong's boxers off !!!

well, Incredibles was my sub group! shall tell you more later on!

Anyway, Envoys camp started off in the afternoon, and im glad i had ample time to sleeeep! i practically fell asleep on my keyboard the night before, and only managed to pack finish my bag that morning!

me and joycelene fell under the same Red sub group of Incredibles ! hahaha, and Ruslan was our group leader! and soon, we were told that our bunks would be at Block 50 !

i was like " Eh? block 50... very familiar lei "

hell yes its so familiar as it was the rumoured to be the haunted block in Ngee ann ! like wthh !! HAHAH. but who cares lahhs. best that i bump into one and spice up my envoys camp LOL.

anyway.. all of us started heading for our bunks to unpack and kick off with some traditions like icebreaking games, making cheers and painting of flags !!

This is Illias !

ahahaha. and that flag was our other subgroup which is Simpsons! In short, simsons and Incredibles were together in Red group ! HAHAH. their flag cute hor?

anyway.. went around for some station games which i think its quite relaxing! HAHHA. and our group kept on pissing everybody off LOL. So our group leaders was like saying : Red group win or lose nvm, our motto is to piss people off!!

LOL. went for dinner which was like incredibly "fabulous", bathed, before going back to bunk to prepare for campfire night ! like it was its very relaxing hahaha !! and both our groups decided to combine for the campfire night.

and i started to wonder, since when did envoys camp became a dance camp ! cause we had to chereograph steps again for songs. (: had camp debrief around 11 or so! took some pictures (:

the girls !

dont ask me why im holding on to that red pole.
it was for our flag !

this picture is nice! cause all their smiles very natural :D

and the guys !!

and when i saw this picture on fb.. i went HAHAHAHA.
LOL ah kiat trying to rape that poor guy LOLOLOL.

and during debrief!

LOL this picture looks so wrong lor. HAHAH.
anyway its our group leaders Ruslan and Julianna !

and i think we were the only group who were crazy over Macs !

cause we had a horrendous dinner and we were told that Mac delivery would take an hour or two to arrive as we had a very big order ! i think by the time the food came, it should be around 2!

i wasnt in the picture cause i didnt join them for mac ! heh.. cause bf had specially went to buy Macs at cck before cabbing down to NP to pass them to me ! felt so guilty cause i made him wait so long.

hehs.. cause of debrief and i had to wait for permission to bring MAC to the bunk! went to bustop to find bf, chatted awhile before bf cabbed back home. worse still its midnight alr. so... my mac meal cost like 20 over bucks haha! thanks bf. (:

woke up in the morning around 6.45 ! we were saying our group were the most power one ! cause we slept the latest and woke up the earliest ! the whole LONGGG corridor was totally pitch black, no wonder other camps like to have their night walks at blk50 to scare their juniors.

our's best. we sleep there. LOL.

anyway, the night wasnt good. it was freaking freezing cold, and i kept shivering! well, i was plain lazy to bring my sleeping bag along. besides, i can sleep anywhere so,.. not much a difference. LOL.

our day started off with physical training in the morning! and since i didnt bring sports shoe and because of my leg, i was allowed to give them a miss! but still, i was made to slow jog from station to station. (which were at far ends of the campus)

must be that i've yet to RUN for a long time, and thats why i had chest pains (!!) just after my first jog. arghh. i feel like an old lady.

Stations !!

so.. after a long morning of physical training and breakfast and everything, were told to change into dirty clothings! :DDD

at first the stations were pretty easy. for this in particular, they blindfold you and you have to find the biscuit on the clingwrap that's pasted against the window!

was pretty easy, cause i was the first to go. HAHAHA. i was still thinking that the games were pretty easy and werent dirty at all as compared to dancesports' dirtygames.

who knows... their games got more and more EWWW as you progress!

this station in particular. everybody will sure kena a bag of vomit on their leg or where ever people choose to explode the bag on them. LOL. i didnt play this as i had excuse again. :D the whole field practically stinked with the vomit smell!

hehs. anyway.. had a last mass game after that, which is something like water bomb! as i was the one holding on to a "scroll" (newspaper) and i had to protect it from getting wet, some group members came over to protect me! totally drenched after that.

but still.. our group kena the most ! could be seen by the number of exploded waterbags left behind at our area. LOL. we were saying that everyone hates us LOL.

well, we kept pissing people off during station games HAHAHA. darn funny.

anyways, went to bathe, had dinner and our last rehearsal for the campfire ! the guys' group were plain gay la! HAHAA. laughed my ass off LOL. i have a video on it, perhaps i'll blog about it soon!

while heading to campfire!

and this is it !

our stage. :D

this is simpson's flag while

this is ours !!

hehs.. campfire night was pretty okay! just that the performance part abit dragggy. hehs. long time since i've danced as welll ! simply missed the feeling being on stage. hahaha, ok lahh, i know thats a mini stage. LOL.

anywayy, had a mini hop night before we all went back to our roooms! our group ordered mac again HAHAH. but before the mac arrived, i fell asleep already! hehs. woke up, ate my fries before going back sleep.

and this time... i slept on the chair ! for the whole night ok! HAHAH. at least it wasnt as cold as the previous night. but still.. i missed my bed HAHAH.

woke up abit later in the morning, and went to bathe ! super duper cold i tell you ~! by the third day we were so drained out already !

loook! this was what happened while other groups out there were competiting for loudness with cheers. HAHA. so dead lorrr. and jack was like saying : "it seemed that the red group didnt have had any sleep " hahahaha.

but slowly we warmed up~ with all the videos and stuffs. hehs.. time for prize presentation! there was alot of consolation prize, so as they were giving them out group by group, our group went to deesiao all of them ! LOL.

its like, faster piss people off while we can. cause we were expecting us to get the last consolation prize ! cause for the previous two days, our groups were getting the lower end of the score points for the games.

shall cut short about the pissing people off part. but still its super hilarious !! and to our surprise... we got the third prize !! like oooooo !

:D and after lots of cheers, pissing people off stuffs and pictures, its time for breakcamp ! and we started playing around with the simpsons flag HAHAHA.

i like this picture ! as in my laughter ! hahaha~

we were still playing with it even when we went to Makan Place for lunch!
check out their expressions man. HAHA

Cordelia !

Illias !

love his expression man LOL.
and he was like saying "must touch the pubic hair" LOLOL.

now the guys' turn to act cute!

look at soh ah kiat ! hahahah !

and the group pictures !! :D

by the time the camp ended, was super shagg ! and tired HAHA.

anywayy, went off to find bf at the bustop near his workplace. was so tired that i fell asleep halfway while waiting. ahahaa. so.. bf came around 4 and headed to his house ! went there to sleep HAHAH.

he had to like practically keep me off the bed HAHAH. cause i kept going back to sleep. hahaha, had dinner at northpoint before he sent me back. (:

finalllyyy, all my camps are over. and my holidays are left with just a few days. spent the last few days hibernating at home, or going out to find bf for dinnnerr. went out earlier on as wellll!

it was supposedly an outing,.. but ended up all going home early LOL. shall blog about it in the next post. (: shall stop here first.


anyway... bf and i are no longer tgt already.. we sort of talked it out and everything. so.... everyone kindly please dont ask me anything about it. dont ask me about my well being as well or anything related.. thanks.

thanks for that song.
i'll attach it to my heart (:

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