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i have gooood news !

nope, not that the poser has removed my photos alr.
hate posers x100000000000 !

Okay anyway, good news is about my results ! (((: I PASSED MY ITB PAPER!!!!! was darn happy cause i thought i couldnt pass! the paper is like so hard !! okay, perhaps softwares and my 8 characters crash !!

LOL. anyway.. i got 55/100 for ITB! like yayness! but its like considered low in class. LOL. nvmm got pass can already! :D

AND,... remember my killer MIEC paper which i say i practically anyhow bombed for the answers?? luck has it that i bombed all correctly !! like zomggggg. the true or false part anyhow tikam also correct !! happpy x1000000 !

so i got 42/50 for my microecons! (: koh poh tee said that im the highest in class, but she immediately tried to rub some salt on it by saying 42 is a very common score in other classes. -.- nvm im very happy already !! :D

trying to figure out what's thisssssssss?!?!

its my bracelet !

hahahaha. i suddenly like the color combination and all these... and so i kept on taking pictures of them! hahahah~


and i found my camp pictures on faceboooook!
just koped a few.

SYLVESTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Okayy, spot me. LOL.
i took quite some time to find myself in this photo! haha!

#1, my sunburnt shoulder and back is beginning to peeeel already! ahhhhh i hate it x10000. i swear im not going to sentosa anytime soooon! and i have tan lines on my back!

#2. my blister is infectedddd! and all thanks to that i cannot wear heels for my dance today! felt like a shortie !! DONT LAUGHHH!!

#3. kept video calling with inez throughout from day to day! she's freaking annoying and shows me off to the whole world ! AHHHHHHH. YI NANANANANA.


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DeyiiXiia0dii: Long time no see le,hope you are doing fine. And chill sister,remember to keep your cool when talking these kind of posers. One thing i can say,she is SO DEAD. Im on your side. Cheer up! =]
- haha heyy! long time also no see you ler. :D yes i'll keep my cool de, dont worry! hahah thanks alot!! (: tc ya!

LL: way to limehh~ supporting u all the way
- hahah thanks LL ! doctor-to-be? :D

S: LOLOLOLOLOL @ the poser. such a retarded kid. ahahah
- LOL i saw your comments. hahaha thanks bud!

Light: hey mind linking? NgeeAnn year 1 aso.... hmmm actually i aso tio before one poser...but he duno die where liao...dam irritating de these ppl...not happy wif their looks go kope others
- alrights will be linking you soon! ohhh.. hahah yalorrr.. pissing me off! tsk tsk..

Secretadmirer: tagged
- oh heys. lols thanks for tagging (: any links?

Passer: Hey and i think you make a mistake . The pic with two person , the onne on the right is then jolin. NOt the one on the left (:
- ohhh, alrights point taken! i've blurred out the gal on the left (:

Passer: Hey that poser is my schoolmate can! Oh mine , what a disgrace. And my friend's pic also kanna . sigh
- oh.. i think i blurred out your friend's face already. (: nvmm i guess i'll see her in the police station when 5days is up (:

SHUANG: walao i totally hate posers -.- EH JOJO, **** OFF LAH, REMOVE THE PICTURES LAH NB. I hate hate posersssss!

SHUANG: Police will take action. even spammers can be caught. Last time a few of the 4d-ians blog kena spam, also managed to call dwn the fella and his dad, so go ahead. make her apologise and remove, give the person time or she may be not online
- ohhh.. really thanks alot ! hate posers x100000000 as well!! argh..

z: lol, obviously shes envious of you. you go girl!
- hahas thanks! but stilll... who would like others to steal their photos? :\

junwei: O.O ahnehh u noe another junwei ah?
- ehh that's not you? LOL. should be bah.. not sure lol..

ZhIyAn: haha, no use la.. police won't take action -.- and my school's starting 1 week late. no thanks to h1n1 =/
- welll im gonna try after her 5days.. hahah. how come no thanks?

:D: Hello , i`m friendly , anyway just wanna tell you in the people got two students , on the right is the jolin . Just letting you know , the left girl is innocent .
- alrights point taken! i've blurred out the girl on the left already. (: thanks!

junwei: wad if she steal ur tat top photo LOL
- LOL. screw her LOL. anyway.. you have any link? kind of mixed you up with my friend.. haha. same name

S: LOL ! long ago liao -.-... erm.. i think now, near to 50 ?? heard from my fren ._. LOL, u busy daooooo no time read news. i know that :S
- HAHAH. i sees. H1N1 come to me !!!!!

Illias: I'm totally surprised that u can spell my name perfectly! Bravo, Dance Sport!
- hahaha! cause im clever ! must remember my name, Illias ! hahahah~

wen xuan: if i miss u after the 2 week i will sure find a way to find u
- okayyys. replied you via msn ler (:

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