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Drag Me to Hell

i was so tempted to watch this after so many trailers and everything everywhere! moreover, many people have written good reviews online about it which made my heart itch even more !

so.. went northpoint to watch with bf after he knocks off work (: yea we patched back already.. thanks guys for all your concern. (: (:

okay here's the detailed story plot as it goes :

This movie written by Raimi brothers Sam and Ivan tells the story of a young woman named Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), a loan officer who denies a mortgage extension to an old lady, Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver). The decision proves damning as she ends up on the wrong end of a gypsy curse that makes her the target of an ancient goat-like demon, the Lamia, who would torment her for three days before taking her soul.

hmmms, i'll give it 4/5 as compared to all the other horror movies i've watched previously. those are seriously CMI, with Coming Soon as the classic example.

okay firstly, this movie contains gore. one thing which i cant stand most about movies! at some parts you'll really go ewww.. but still, its okay ba.

scary factor wise, i think for some of those you can really predict when the next scare / "boom" is coming. like example.. suddenly very quiet and tadah ~ hahaha. but there were times which really caught me unaware LOL. not bad, they give u a breather in between. plot is easy to understand too, with a twist at the end.

one good thing is they have some humor content in it! hahaha. all three in one. so.. not bad lahs, pretty good already. (: hahaa and i think bf's arm got numb cause i kept on grabbing him HAHAH.

:D !

okay anyway.. tuesday today ! wasnt free in the morning.. so i gave the Envoys' training a miss ): nvm i think cause elaine said there'd be another training (: so went to cck to find bf eat bak kut teh ~ hehs. went over to his house slack awhile before going to school (:

have dancesports ma~ hahaha. but its only for an hour.. so bf waited in school for me. haha! i felt so bad cause i made him wait for like an hour and half.. doing nothing :x ok anywayyy, cabbed down back to cck to find his friend for dinner (:

pastamaniaaaaaa~ its been so long ever since i last ate it. and when is the freaking northpoint outlet going to open?!?! tsk tsk.. so slack awhile with his friends, all these and that before we went home~ (:

*anyways, supposed to be a day off tmr / or work, but end up i need to go bugis get my dance skirts ! maybe i shall hop over to do some shopping~ just got my pay!


ROAR. to hell with the person who put my email address stating that im looking for some fun with guys (or whatever) on online classified ads ! &%^#$@$%#*&

now i have guys adding me on msn to chat up with me! luckily one of them told me else i wouldnt know. wth wth! if i find out who it was im gonna kick his ass all the way to johor ~!!!

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