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Friendster poser, like wth.

didnt know much about this until another girl(whose pictures got stolen by same person too) came adding me on msn to tell me about her! thanks sweet (:


i know you've been following my blog / friendster for quite some time, but HELLO, THIS IS ME, THIS IS MY PICTURE. what right do you have to just take them as you want and pose them off as you?

seriously, even pictures way back to my preparations for O lvls could be found in your friendster. think you rotate the picture horizontally and add on a few glimmer and thats you? -.- i can still rotate up down left right for you ah.

sorry to say, i've taken down all the SS already.

JoJo aka Jolin from Broadrick Secondary School, i demand you to remove all my pictures now, else i'll be taking actions against you. I'll give you 5 days. Else i'll see you in the police station. (:


even the picture codes belong to me. LOL.
want take hor, at least make it less obvious lahhs.

"i took my cousin phone and... Snap !"

WAH still "SNAP" ah. very the cute horr?

english also good like dont know what lor.

"WHO PHOTO ME ? 0.o"

lmao. who photo you, i still who picture me ah.
all these pictures were all from my blog. want stalk me at least say laa.
want steal pictures, at least steal those with FACE la.

steal all those half cover or heavily contrasted one.
if not all covered with glimmer.

you thought what.



take my pictures i understand. i dont __ understand why do you have to take the picture of my phone as well! lmao. or do you happen to have the same phone, same length of fingernails and same angle when taking photos?

thats so WOWWW !!!

EH girl, please open your eyes la dey.


oops i forgot you have a habit of stealing people's photos and posing them off as you. perhaps these two in the picture aint you all all! zomg !!! -.-

please laa hor. hair not even rebonded, and which eye / nose / mouth features look like mine? want steal pictures, steal with some brains please.

*girl on the left been blurred out.

Jolin, i'll give you 5 days to remove ALL of MY pictures.

else, cya in the police station. (:

dont try me.

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