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how's my new blog layout!? :D

actually i've spent some time thinking of which blogskin / layout to change to. was trying the outcomes here and there, but none really came out nice !

as in, either its too messy looking, or i dont like it ! nearly gave up, but still.. im sick of my previous skin already ! so i was playing with the codes here and there and i decided to try this! :D

i've not like blogged for more than a week, and things are getting pretty stale here. well, the previous post explains it all i guess. SO, im not flooding you people with words! i'll just sum up everything (:

Okay.. Status wise im single now.

let your thoughts run wild for all you can, but please dont come asking me what happened. Real short, yes i know.

Throughout the week that i didnt blog, i've been both mentally and physically drained out ! till the extent that i really had to find my close friends to talk to. you should roughly know how bad that was, if you know my character well enough. haha.

Anyway, academic wise, things SHOULD be on track now. hmmm. lots of assignments and presentations to rush through the previous week! and mostly ALL of them are graded ! ITB proposal to hand in, BCOM minutes to finish, and OBSE !

so we actually had to wear formal wear for our OBSE presentation. went to bought my office pants last minute, but i've yet to find my top! in the end i wore my sec4 prefectorial board white top. HAHAH.

okay just a random shot. stop trying to figure what's in my bag !!

and basically, throughout the week either im rushing assignments overnight, or im worrying for this and that. i wonder since when i became a worrywart.

things got to an extent whereby i started having breakouts ! (luckily it healed within days). and worse still, my friends were commenting about my eyebags and how bad they became as days passed! macam more & more jialat!

and common test week is this week. great in a sense that i only had 3 papers, which mean 3 days of school. but bad in a sense that i need to mug! (which i have yet to)

and so.. the previous weekend i spent both my wonderful days at home ! rotting ahhhh ! i cant concentrate at home, so.. i ended up catching on my sleep. HAHA. ehh i slept like 18hours on saturday ! :DDD

felt darn guilty cause i din really touch my textbooks. just merely flip through. i've spent 1hour to get myself to the study table, 10 minutes to stare at the cover page, 1min to flip to a page, and 1 second to flip it back. HAHAHA.

luckily BSTATS paper today was pretty managable. (: open book test ma !

and oh, i found this old pict in my phone.

anyway... actually i could have spent my whole day sleeping at home tmr, as i have no papers. but few days ago someone called me & asked me to go back tmr !!

For some meeting with the director of Student Services.


they said it was for my Scholarship application, and the director want to discuss with me about my CCA records. like ?!?!?!. cause previously when i applied, my application was rejected and they ask me to try next yr. -.-

thats for all first. actually i have some other interesting things to update. but guess i'll do it tmr! anyways.. thanks alot to those who were concerned about me !

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ineedINTERNET - hahaha. yups its 2Mbps. and i think its pretty fine for youtubing and some gaming. (: but now i think singnet has a plan of 3Mbps at just $31 bucks or something. try checking it out! :D

Kaixun - hahah thanks! you too!

S - hahaha i din cheat your feeling. it was true at that point of time!

Homey - LOL ! hahaha. :x

Elephant - wahhs, means you very long nv come my blog! HAHA!

Zhiyan - heyys! thanks alot. (: seriously. hahaha

Liyin - ohh hello ! hahaha, gotta refresh my memory soon. alrights linking you soon!

Hannah - thanks sweetie for your concern! (: you too! haha

Celesta - oh yes! paiseh i forgot to tell you. but nvm i told germain already! ^^

Xinwei - thanks darling ! muackz ! when are we having our date? HAHA! xD

Jeanie - hor, someone aso lor! hahaha. thanks ! you also jiayou for studies ah!

LL - HEY HELLO LL. :D hahah thanks !

when i dont mention anything,
it doesnt mean that i dont care.

i want to mean it when i say;
but time and again i failed you.

i will let you down;
i will make you hurt.
over & over again.

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