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ITB please faster get over and be done with.
you make me wanna pull my hair out. like totally!

& for the first time, i really look up to my bro in this aspect. HAHAHA. cause his IT knowledge is wayyy better than mine. i even got him to do my ITB quiz for me haha !

exam periods are horrendous!

my breakouts are back! almost shocked the hell outta me when i looked into the mirror this morning. terrible.

imagining having to wake up like 5.30am in the morning!
not even a single soul. -.-

AND, i seriously feel that school should inform us which examination venues are airconditioned and which are not !

On monday, since the venue was at sports hall, i thought it would be airconditioned (well cchy was) ! and in the end i sweated like there's no tmr.

AND today... i thought it would be hot like monday, so i just wear a tee and shorts. who knows this time the exam venue is freezing cold! was practically shivering while i did my paper. like wth -.-

had MIEC paper this morning!!

totally a killer paper! its at least 2 times harder than the BSTATs paper.

since the guildlines given were :

Section A -10 Multiple Choice Qns
Section B - 10 True/False Qns
Section C - 2 Short-Answer Questions. ( you are expected to know how to calculate, sketch graphs and provide short corresponding explanations.)

so off we thought that perhaps the section A 2 marks each, and maybe 5 marks each for the section C. who knows when we got the paper.. first 20 questions 20 marks. last 2 question 30 marks ! like wth !!!

just one sub-part of a question is like 12marks already. almost fainted on the spot. and the questions are so tricky !! tell me i just need to give short explanations -.- practically anyhow bombed. god bless i bomb correctly pleaseeeee.

ITB's tmr. my last paper!

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