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my dance heeeeeeels !

yesterday was the last day of my papers! ITB im pretty sure im gonna flunk it. keep on software here and software there, what opensource, freeware, shareware, system software, operating software, & blah blah. how to be not blur ?!?!

ANYWAY, went to Bras Besah with fangjie after school ! went to our S&W instructor's school to get our heels. (: fangjie chose hers quite fast while im just plain mafan. HAHAH. cause i kept on trying the sizes. (have to be slightly tight ma!)

so when i finally found the size i want, the shoes' heels are the shorter kind ones ! 2 inches i think. supposed to be 2.5inch. not nice lorr. but just as i thought bo bian, i saw the other design! hahahh.

so have to retry all the sizes cause they're different ! finally bought mine, and its 91bucks ! after being on sale, and having the NP student discount on top of it. and oh, with heel protectors. (:

it doesnt look like the color of any of the pictures posted here. the pict abv is too dull, the pictures below too "peachy". its more like caramel gold. (:

with flash!

i really take my hats off to people who can really dance in these heels. just as i thought it would be pretty easy, cause none of my heels at home were lower than 3.5inches. but who knows... its so hard to dance with heels!

and this morning i started to doubt its heel height.. so i went to compare. its a good 3inches high LOL. god bless.

HOLIDAYS ARE HEREEEE. but it doesnt feels like one.

cause our holidays are only 2 weeks long, and one whole week is burnt off for 2 camps ! so.. its more like a term break. sigh. i wann my shopping spreees and movie marathons !!

- and oh, we're in pandemic phase 6 !! will schools close down?

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