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oh gosh. coke's caffein finally has an effect on me, and here im blogging at 4.30am despite the fact that im having my dancesports camp LATER. yes and im gonna wake up at 6. how great.

anyway.. just before i go MIA for the next two days, here to do an update first! basically from the pictures you see you should have guessed what im going to blog about HAHAH.

met up with fangjie, keiko, fion and sheena at bugis on wednesday to get our dance skirts! so after fion and sheena got their heels, and we got our skirts, we went to bugis to shopppp. i was just looking around for some casual tops but i ended up buying the most things!

was walking around and walked past this shop selling shoes. they're like having a sale and i bought two heels at one go !! hahahah. abit siao anot? but its just nice that they have the designs which im looking for!

and this!! haha.. actually i have another pair at home which is roughly the same.. but nvm la~ hahaha. i even bought two vests that day! (: but now im kind of regretting it for one of the vest. bought on impulse.. T.T so... may give it to my cousins HAHA. :x

bought lots of things home and mum din even nag. LOL. cause im spending my own money~ see thats the difference :DD happy anyway! i wanna go back for more shopping HAHA. but sadly.. i'll be down for camp for the next 6 days.

see how things go then ! i'll be back on sunday evening and going back for ANOTHER camp on monday evening! i think i'll be damn shag at the end of the dancesports camp alr.. hehs.

okayy i'll blog till here. (:
need some shuteye!
miss me peopleee ~!

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