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ooooooooo im back from my dancesports camp! im like burnt like a red lobster after just a few hours in sentosa! we breakcamp in sentosa ! (((:

had a headache the whole day.. so i dont think i can really blog in details here.. CAUSE, i have BA Envoys camp tmr!! super shag now.. 6 days in a row. heh heh. there's quite a few pictures. :D so.. another day i guess.

dear was super sweet by suddenly showing up at vivo today! he still bluff me sayy he's working.. and then when he sent me home he suddenly surprised me with a rose.. hehe. i was like literally stunned. hehe. love you dearr. forever so sweeet. happy 1st month !! lovees.

i know i really suck as a gf. paisehh

okay okay i'll better go sleep now already..
shall update everything once im back from my camp!

toodles ~

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