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im so sorry for the late update.

had been pretty caught up with school projects and there, with blogger having severe mood swings nowadays.

ANYWAYS... these are the pictures taken on last saturday! sort of a birthday dinner for my grannny. Happy 73th birthday! (hope i didnt get it wrong) hahaha. anyway.. i guess i wont be like editing every picture from now on, adding a border to it and stuffs.

cause its really too time consuming, when i have a great deal of picts ! anyway... uncle would be fetching our family from amk, so went to amk hub to shop with mum earlier! like shopping with her when she's in a good mood cause i'll get some loots LOL.

rlyy. we were in the Mondo shop where i was choosing heels for her.. just nice there's sort of like a discount going on. and when she's done, i just randomly showed her one of the heels that caught my eye. and she just asked me to go try on it! hahaha!

so happy. :D i got a even taller pair of heels LOL.

anyways~ uncle (relative) soon came and fetched us there~ its sort of like a buffet.. so yea. ;D some of the food were pretty nice, esp their durian cake! once its out, the whole thing is gone totally within 3mins. LOL.

but still.. my bro were still going on and on about how the food is just so-so as compared to other hotels nearby -.-

anyways.. ate finish and was hurried by my two cousins to go out take photos LOL.

the outside!
its so pretttty lorrr.

actually i took alot photos, but in the end i decided not to post all as its seriously..... too dark -.-

looks like clarkquay LOL.

oops did i mention that its RiverValley hotel that we were dining at?
hahaha. i think i got the name correct..

i have a habit of mixing rivervalley and riverside -.-

and soon others came out to take photos ~

and this cousin of mine who just got into NS. haha!
his hair grow back le!
EH, must botak aa, going against the rules alr!!

and we were in the midst of taking photos where there were fireworks !

:D the NDP previeww.

too bad we cant get to see it! we were supposedly to be dining at the UOB building 70th floor one. T.T too bad one of my auntie dont dare take the lift.................. sob.

and.. no more :D

anyways~ went back to cut cake!
hahahaha, and thats my granny~

she dotes on me the best when i was young!

so once my bro made me cry i'll go complain to her HHAHA.

and my bro will get whack LOL. no laa.. scoldings only.

and all of a sudden she became like a pop star! LOL.
all the cameras flashing.

the aunties uncles ~

cut the cake, took family pictures and all these before we homed! :DDD

and tadahs ~

one more pair of heels for me ~
i have loads of heels now at home :D

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