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finally,... this post is out. hahaha. i've been composing this post for like duno how many days! look at the date and compare it to today's date. hahaha.

ANYWAY.. i said my post would be pictureful cause i went to sentosa with wenxuan on sunday! not to get sunburnt but more of like walk around and etc. hahhaa. he was treating me for like almost everything! thanks alot.. i know it burnt quite a big hole haha.

anyway.. we went to take skyride ! been pretty long since i last went for it. everytime i went to sentosa its to hit the beaches. hahah


and so after that we went to the underwater world!

this is the ray pool where we get to touch those harmless stingrays, and he didnt believe me. lolol.

anyway.. i remember the last time i came here was during my secondary school days, where i actually get to WORK here during my attachment! damn fun :D

it was totally swarmed with tourists and kids running everywhere.
and i forgot its a weekend. LOL.

i swear this fish is darn big !!!

and i only manage to take picture of him cause he's the only fish that DIDNT move. LOL. okay lah, perhaps its inertia too high HAHA!

Great white shark, made by clever use of reflections.

by the time we walk finish underwater world, its around 4 only ! and it started to drizzle.. lols. and since we dont have an umbrella, there isnt much place we could go. hence we went back to vivo to walk around (:

went to charmeleon and bought two bracelets ! actually i didnt bought it. wenxuan did. hahaha. cause i was really running low on cash and hence he said he'll make it as a gift to me haha. thanks! i know im very late in saying thanks lahs, but stilll.. haha

walk till around 6 and i suggested going for dinner already ! cause i hadnt had any meal that day and my gastrics is hurting damn bad. worse, its cold cause its rainning! anyway... he brought me to Earle Swensens to eat !

i've always tried Swensens and i had never tried Earle Swensens before. and he kept on mentioning how nice the food there is.

had something like a mega baked rice and couldnt finish it!
i only ate like a quarter of the portion LOL.

and we had chocolate fondue! (:

hahaha and i began playing with the icecream LOL.
damn cute right! HAHA.

and the leftovers :D

eat till like around 8 before we left ! was super full, and since i have school the next day, i suggested going home earlier. (: Thanks for bringing me out on sunday! and for your thoughts in planning this, and.... all the expenses. :x lols


a trip down to vivo means a trip to the Candy Empire!

its a MUST for me to go there. HAHA! cause its only at candy empire where you get to buy candies and chocos that cant be found off the shelves in other supermarkets or anywhere else.

these were just some of them.. not forgetting a chocolate that's been like half squashed LOL. i cant find the wonka nerds that i want !! and oh, i just realised all these are sour in taste haha! i have high tolerance for sourness :D

and yea, this were the 2 bracelets wx got me! (:
the black one is uber chio ! :DDD

and as for the past few days, life's been pretty normal. just school and home, and vice versa. projects are starting to pile up again !!

AND, i totally have no idea that my morning lecture was cancelled and i went there in the early morning!! like zomg .______. i was like " HAR?!?!? NO LECTURE?!" -.-

and my next class is like at 1pm. have to slack till then. how great lol.

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