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haha got a new look!

was trying out some eye makeup, cause i have some testshoot casting next weekend or something. so.. took pictures as well! i think those fake eyelashes make me look like a vixen somehow HAHA! dont think im gonna use them again. :}

BUT anyway, my fringe now is kinda irritating(!!!). cause its at the length whereby its neither long nor short! i dont know if i should keep them or snip them off. one moment i have this urge to cut it, the other moment not! ahhhhhhh irritating!

ANYWAY, school's been pretty fine these few days. hahaha. just that i have a BSTATS test next week and i dont reaally understand sampling mean. dont know when im gonna start studying HAHA.

imma going to skip my ITB and MIEC lecture on monday next week! (: hahaha. that makes me left with just 3hours of lesson on monday, and best, 2hrs of lesson on wednesday! :DDD

anyway, had dancesports for S&W today. damn fun HAHA. cause its very fast and raj was like.. so blur LOL. and we started abit on salsa !!

BUT STILL.... i've yet to find a partner thou. there isnt anyone who seem suitable when i scanned through my dancemates on tuesday LOL. year1 dancesports so many chao ah beng! and i totally loathe them!

tell me, who wear skinnies and geeky specs and etc to dance mann? i was paired to one of them. he was super joker and i cant stand it. hence i went to ask sherlynn to help me find another partner LOLL.

okay, although i look like some ahlian (which raj kept highlighting that on thursday), but im not!! and neither do i like chao ahbeng!! loathe them !! attention seekers. make themselves look so immature. so my group of girls were hoping they'll move down to the lvl 2 studio HAHAH. (okay i hope non eof them chance on this :D)

OKAY, im still looking for a dance partner. you do not have to be from ngee ann, cause this competition is opened to public ! but stilll..... where to find ?!?! cause by taking part, you need to buy shoes and all that. who will be interested to buy them just for one competition?


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