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haha, time to get my ass back to blogger !!

heh heh. i've been like procrastinating this post for like one.. two... days? or three? haha! no laa. anyway, said to blog during the afternoon, but captain andrew dont allow! ended up sleeping through the sessions.. HAHA!

see, sit corner got use ! ooo and speaking about this, i took some pictures during the class. (: shall post them up in the next post.

life wasnt too interesting in the past few days. one fellow co-worker of mine had taken off for a few days, and i had to like juggle between school and work. :\ after school must rush back already!

boss said that in the future, if possible he ask me to try and help out after my classes ! oh wells... see how things go. else i'll turn super shag!

haha, and as the ss shows,.. i've been like videocalling with inez during lessons these few days HAHA ! and suddenly on thursday or something i bumped into her at the ngee ann bustop !

gosh its been like dont know how long since we last met, and i totally like screamed when i saw her. LOL so bimbotic. miss you !! btw,.. she's from SP ma! so i seldom see her! :D

and regarding this.....

yea pictures had been removed. she's damn lucky cause i was already on my way to make the report after school. and then i decided to check out the profile again while im on the bus. good she's removed them off her friendster and facebook.

totally loathe posers x1000000 ! saved a trip to the police. {:


by the way... enough of that already. back to results ! got back my BSTATS paper on friday morning! 45/50. okay before you go like "WTH?!?!", its an open book test ! and yea. was pretty happy about it..... until the teacher goes

"and oh, Jaslin is the top scorer in the class"

...... i swear that my mood literally went skydiving. cause 45 was counted as an avg score in TB08, so i was like happy. but i seriously hate it when teacher starts announcing the results! yea you may say "why dont like? somemore you top in class lei" .

but it kinda suck when this would indirectly portray me as a closet mugger. but fact is im not! if i did study, i will say i did study. sigh. its just pure luck!


ANYWAY studies aside,

i seriously need to find a guy partner for a latin chacha dance competition this november! and i have to like find a partner by next friday? ahhhh where where WHERE to find ?!?!

instructor kelvin said it can be anyone, need not need to be in NP, neither do we need basics that easyy. but the thing is, you have to buy the shoes and etc! and i dont know much dancesports guy juniors. oh my tian.

* been blogshopping this week and a hundred dollar bill is going to fly out of my walllet !!

** going out tmr and i guess im turning in early ! hadnt had a good night slp the whole week. :\

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