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and yes.. i finally decided to snipe them off !!

although i feel like having long fringe lahhs, but the short fringe - long fringe process very xinku okay! imagine them neither long nor short and irritates your eyes for the whole day!

okay la,.. some shots of my long fringe HAHAH.
this was when i was mugging for some paper.. overdued pictures !

anywayyy.. this posts is gonna be filled with camwhore-d photos HAHAH!

ok lecture time. hahahaha~

anyway, for the whole week it has been rather hectic (!) , as what i've written in my previous post. and these were some pictures which i took during lecture. HAHA!

too bored ma... cant blame.

days ago when we had no time for lunch as we were rushing project, the whole group of us practically bought CHICKEN RICE to lecture to eat ! LOL. imagine one whole row of people at the back with red plastic bags eating chicken rice! hahaha

one of our classroooms!

had presentation on wednesday... went fine i guess. (:

and as we were all chatting, i suddenly find all of us like very professional looking consultants HAHAHA! heyy its real okay.

and on thursday... can u believe that i spent 12hours of my time in schoool?! half of a day can ! was really stressed out throughout the day, especially in the morning. cause of bstats! having a test ltr in the afternoon, and i rly rly cant grasp the concept.

and the stress is really there! its worse when people started to have high hopes on you, just because i topped the class once ! and raj they all were like keep on asking me how to do and stuffs..

for that moment i really felt like crying! the stress is much worse than O lvls. at least o lvls you know what's happening, but not for bstats ! arghhhh stupid sampling distribution. hate you.

ANYWAY, BSTATS TEST was screwed. and i totally left a 10mark question blank. i should have just skipped the paper, and have a higher weightage for my final paper! argh....

and on friday ! actually my class ended at 12... but had to stay back till 1 to finish whatever project and tie up all loose ends ! im gonnna swear... im gonna swearr........

anyway.. went home and decided to cut my fringe that morning. hehs. didnt really turned out as i expected to be, hahaha nvm lahs :D

met up with ama darling at northpoint at 6 ! hahaha. and we went off to safra to find sy deardear! she's having her indoor rifle shooting training or something. hahaha. so cool! and i think sy deardear grew taller alr. T.T 170cm++

i feel so short ! dont laugh !

anyway.. waited till around 7.30 before we went off to northpoint ! dined at Eighteen Chefs again. baked stuffs is ♥ ! :DDDDD and..........

i decided to give lemon TEA a second chance. LOL. cause the meal just comes with this drink! cant change.. unless you top up $$, that is. hahaha.

you should have seen my expression when i was drinking it. and i gave up after 3sips. LOL. okayy i really dont like anything related to tea and coffee. and im NOT weird!

and as we went off some chao ahbengs came after us outside the GV, asking for my number. luckily ama said something which saved me from that. and we quickly walked away LOL.

thenn sy was like saying : "ehh you got mei4 li4 leis.. everytime those ahbeng want your number one ahaha"

and i replied : "cause i look like chao ah lian ma! T.T"

went to stairwell there to camwhore again! HAHA!
these are just some pictures taken from my phone's inner camera.

so yea, low quality!
waiting for ama to upload on fb before i go kope !!!

and that's my sy deardear.
poor girl she's stressing out so much over JC stuffs.
missed you so much too !

1, 2, 3

deardear you're smelly LOL!


and i think this picture is nice !! :D

me and deardear! ♥

hahaha, think we stayed till around 10 before we finally left ! hahaha. :x

dont know when can see her again! take much care okays ! :DD hehs.

alrights i think i shall end abruptly here. and for some reasons, photoshop isnt working on my desktop. obviously, some programs are preventing it from loading.. oh wellls.

OKAY im off first i guess. tags to be replied soon! im so sorry !

testshoot casting later! and thank god darling is coming with me. love you!

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