Wednesday, July 1, 2009


WTH, this girl not just posed off as me on friendster, she also got MY pictures on her FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. pose off as me on friendster im already pissed off enough. AND NOW ON FACEBOOK.

GIRL I SWEAR IM GOING TO THE POLICE IF YOU'RE NOT REMOVING THEM BY FRIDAY. the police station is just in my neighborhood {:

stop hiding behind the screens and act as if nothing has happened or pretend to be offline! got the guts to steal my pictures, i got the guts to take you to the police. try me.

hello, do you even HAVE that tee shirt? do you even HAVE that bagpack? do you even HAVE MY HAIRSTYLE? what the eff. please la dey, look into the mirror.

happily took my photos and use them as your identity to chat with people online? are you that HARD UP on your face that you have to use another person's photo? i really do pity you. alot my dear.

please la hor, stop tarnishing my image. oops i forgot, not that you have one to begin with. anyway, its wednesday today. (: you have your time till friday. (:

try me, Jolin Ng.

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