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okay, this doesnt really look like the normal me, neither is it my best shot.

ANYWAY, i guess its time to blog a proper blog post soon!
(and oh btw, i did two post today! scroll down!)

seriously, i have alot to blog about. as in the topics! one of them would be very familiar to you, if you're an avid reader of my blog. non other than my rants at online people LOL.

plus plus.. i keep on having dreams nowadays that's closely related to what's happening in my real life, plus those deja vu dreams that's happening every now and then! goshh.

now now now what shall i blog about first?
dont tell me both cause it'll both be long entries ( i suppose)

leave a comment or tag kays!
and before i end right here....

Replies to tags !

terence: HELLO!
- yo yo yo~

z: lol! free pillow
- LOL. ehh, quite comfy lei HAHA

XIN WEI: Darling, apparently some people only look at photos and doesn't read. HAHA. Anw imy already!
- hahaha! yeaa i imy too! maybe friday u girls dinner ask me out too! hahah~

ZhIyAn: take 171. faster =]
- ohh.. but i thought the 171 got like go take a roundabout at marina there before going back? hahaha. i shall try taking 171 next time!

GERMAIN: Hahahaa! Too many people birthday on August. I will be back by sept. Hahahahha! Anw, relink me. Thanks! (:
- hahah! cannot mia!! hehe. ltr sept i also mia LOL! haahha!

LL: I have nothing to say, and nothign to do soooo.. Tagged~ =x
- yoyoyo LL~ ahahaha. bored horr

passerby: may i know where did you bought the black skirt from ?
- hmms, i bought it at bugis. you know those pushcart stalls outside OG? yeaa. around there (:

psby: nice eyelashes u have got o.o are those fake?
- thanks! and oh yes, they are. (:

HOMEYYY: ahhnehh doesnt look like ahnehh with false eye lashes =o
- hmms... on a second look, you made some point there LOL.

z: me wan to be the pole too!!! :X
- hahaha. same goes for you, lalaland :b

S: can i be the pole ? FOC DE !! LOL
- LOL. sure, in lalaland :D

GERMAIN: Girl, relink. Thanks (:
- alrights! loveeees~

HOMEYYY: blogger doesnt seem to have a problem on laptops.. but desktops like got problem lol
- hahahaha. yalor! blogger having PMS T.T

andy: hey here to tag =] hmm blogger has problem too omg ):
- its happening to everyone luh. irritating~

ZhIyAn: use windows live writer! i never encouter any problems since i switch over =] and don't have to think of wordpress.. it's so laggy and un-userfriendly
- ohhs what is that.. :x hahahah. never heard of it before. hehs.. introduce!

Emily: as long as it's not government then it's private lor. haha. neighbourhood also considered private i think. but i think neighbourhood more ex.
- hehs nvm... i shall go ask around! XD

-: .. th photographer is not qualified is it ? the angle of the picture is OBVIOUSLY wrong, no focus.
- it was mentioned that its behind the scene pictures, so yeaa. (: she isnt my photographer, but she's sweet enough to help me take them (:

Cassandra: Ur first pic look like WG 'Nobody's' hairstyle. lol. ^^ nice!
-thanks casandra! hahaha ^^ how are u alr?

Hannah: Yeah report lerh, but it's gonna be a long long procedure Thanks anyways.
- ohhh.. i haven got a time to do so! sighhh.

HOMEYYY: LOL then u wan chao ah lian ah LOLOLOL.
-LOL. nononono N-O NO ahlians! gosh gosh!

S: and and... since when do you not look like XMM ? hahaha. well, nvm la, ahlian on the outside, guaikia on the inside . LOL !! since when fab became a HER ?! 'ask her bring gf come out' LOL !!!!!!!!! nah, i wont find any gf, u intro me girls la
- of course! HAHAHA. im so guai la!. anyway.... the fabian is hahaha typo lahhh! LOL nvm laa, you got megan fox still not enough a! dont go greedy laa HAHA

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