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okays, i just realised that blogger is screwed once i try to use it at home (cant post pictures) ! so i shall just blog in school. hahah. anyway, had my granny's bdae dinner days ago and the post is on its way :D but anyway.. short update! cause i've got smth i wan to blog hahaha~

you guys know that now i usually take 852 back home where the bus ride is super long right? so usually i've just fall asleeep throughout the journey. so today.. i was seating beside this malay lady~ i think she's also around my age.. and so.. halfway through the ride i fell asleep !and guess what, i didnt realise i was resting my head against her arm LOL !

ok her frame is abit bigger than mine so i sort of my rest my head against her arm not shoulder. hahaha. anyway, i woke up i also found her sleeping ! LOL! so i think she didnt know also :x hahaha. tried to stay awake but still.. i fell asleep again. and the same thing happened like 3 or 4 times! T.T

and such a coincidence, she also got off at yishun interchange.. so its like.. throughout the journey.. hahaha. so paiseh! luckily she's also asleep. teehee!

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