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Photoshoot Casting!

okkay... after camping blogger for everyday and refreshing the page, the box and everything is finally in place! :D hahaha. and this long overdue post... im so sorrrry!

as my school semester is ending soon (real soon) and i have like around 4 or 5 projects all on hand now! so tired~ anywayy..... here's the behind-the-scene pictures taken by ama! thanks darlingggg. poor girl she has to hide one corner beside the camera man and take pictures.

and she's so cute laa! hahaha. one small girl with digi cam beside one guy with DSLR haha! still.. thanks darling!

woke up earlier that day to do my makeup.. and i put on those fake eyelashes! felt so weird. and so attention seeking too! and i spent such a long time trying to style and bun my hair. was so late when i met darling! but still..... we trained to Chinatown! :DDD

at first we thought it would be inside some apartment or something, cause its all HDB blocks! who knows that there's this open space that's real good for photoshoots! windy, and everything nice!

reached there around 2plus near 3~ darling said that she felt most of the girls there were typical ahlians :x hahaha. AND somehow i also felt like one. T.T like with makeup, falsies and everything. and i kept asking ama if i looked like a typical ahlian to her anot too LOL.

waited for quite some time cause there were a few other girls who came before me! and when its my turn to shoot, told ama to help me take behind the scene picts :b cause i wanna blog. hehe.

this person is roxannne~ i like her!
she's very nice hahahah.

and she's so scared that i'll zao geng (though i did wear shorts beneath) and she kept on help to cover for me. hahah :D

actually i was told to do another pose...

but it didnt felt right! felt unnatural. so ......
back to same ! hehs.

okay this is abit weird LOL.
my shoulders hehs.

tadah! done with the bench.
darling took quite a few candid photos of me!

now dont complain i dont blog candid photos aaa~!

actually most of the pictures would seem the same to you.

but if you take a closer look, they're with different expressions!
this one is smiling :D


the shoot was quite fast! :D was told to bring two other sets of clothes but in the end nv change. hahha. there also no toilet! -.- so.... darl and i went off to the other side to camwhore ! i must say this place is pretty nice to take pictures!

and we got random....


who wants to be the pole ~?

LOL. ehh, i din kiss it okay !!

LOL this pict is totally so candid HAHAHA.
we didnt know the shutter had already clicked then.

and so the picture came out like this. LOL.
i was commenting that we look like as if we're some hookers laaa !
so funnnny.

there's another one that's worse. LOL.
too paiseh.... cannot post lol!

and the scenery behind looks not bad~~ :DDD

okayy i know i like to give this face.
dont ask me why LOL.

camwhore camwhore ~~~

ooops, this pict is inverted horizontally.
lazy to change back.

hehs.. it totally looks like we're broadcasting for some local heartlanders dramas lorr !! hahaha, you know, those typical ones on chn5 haha!

and with my phone~
i like this picture! not in the act cute angle LOL.

but too bad cant see the sceneries behind~


but actually from there, you can see alot of upgrading going on about there.

and just as we were satisfied and wannna go for a good lunch,....... ama's pouch went missing !! she remembered very clearly that she had left it beside my bag on the table, before we went to take pictures.

okayy we know its our fault and too careless for leaving our stuffs lying around. but cause that time there isnt anyone around!! except for some bangalas sleeping further away at the chairs under the HDB units.

tried calling darl's phone and it wasnt switched off. welll, usually people switch the phones after they stole it! and i think this *ing potato is totallly....... pea-brained. i actually called like near 40 calls before it was answered!

but of course, s/he didnt speak, and hanged up. called a few more times, and s/he picked up a few more times, before it got switched off -.-

wellll, i must say i was darn lucky. cause all my valuables were in my bag and my bag wasnt stolen! i think it would be pretty obvious if the whole bag was gone. so i assume s/he just went off with the pouch.

and luckily.... my wallet and stuffs were alll below my clothes and extra heels in my bag! and thank god darling didnt bring her IC out. else it's gonna be big hassle to remake them..

asked some people around, but didnt manage to see anyone suspicious. asked around for some directions and we actually walked all the way from Chinatown point all the way back to Cantonment police station which is at the other exit of outram park exit !!

and my heel broke off. -.- luckilyyy i have an extra pair of heels in my bag! the whole process was pretty long.. but luckily the officer was pretty funny! lazy to elaborate thou... hehs. for those who know, just hope to ama's blog to read!

pooor darling. her cash and phone totally gone. even her contacts alll gone ! cant imagine tht happening to me! (okay,... although i did lost my very FIRST phone 2days after i bought it) oops.

aaa... the whole time we were whining how we could actually be sitting down for lunch and laughing over the photos. oh wellls~.... heading home after that ! bathed before meeting inez and shaun for dinnner to do some catching up!!

dined at 18 Chefs again LOL. slacked around, and inez got 3 of us friendship rings !! with oour names carved on it. (: shall take a pict next time~! we have threesome rings!! nope it doesnt sounds wrong LOL.

alrights thats about it i guess... so worn out by the end of the day.
i'll just blog till here first!

i have LOTS of things in mind to blog. so yeaaaa..... posts coming in one by one very sooon! right now im off to do my CATS project. and i have to wake up at 5.30 later... nvmm. think i shant slp.

toodles all first!

im blogging about my deva ju dreams in my next post!

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