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Replies to tags !

HOMEYYY: haha hi LL XD
- hahahah you two guys having small talk here! :x

LL: i agree with homey o.O
- heh heh.. it has to be a girl!

Sercretadmirer: xD i'm a loyal reader!!
- lols heyys. yea i can see hahah. do you have any links?

Emily: hey did you receive my sms? and btw a jolin posed as me on friendster before too.
- ohh i just saw! hahaha. so many jolins are posers.. thats bad cause i like jolin tsai ! hahah

z: today's friday....
- uh yeap i know. haha (:

HOMEYYY: lol ahnehhh u got a dangerous secret admirer that doesnt noe how to spell secret LOL.
- hahaha unique ma LOL.

Sercretadmirer: i willing to do anything for euu.Want me to get rid of her?
- ermm, no its okay its fine lol. ty and no thanks (:

ShenLer: gratz o ... o.O
- o.o why grats me

DeyiiXiia0dii: Hah! No more imposter of jaslin le!! hahahahh. =]
- hahaha hey! yeapps thanks alot ! :D

CELESTA: HEY! i dont think thr's a need to go the the police la. the police cant do anything much either. Report her to spam or smth? it work. (:
- hahaha guess its fine alr now. i've already reported her that time :\ nvm lahhs.. long time no see u! hahaha~

yawn: LOL shes already trying you~~
- hahah, nvm la case closed (:

junwei: lol tell her mai step bo on9 la dare use ppl pic den bo ji tok here haha buay sia
- hehs.. dont care le lahhs. cant be too bothered. waste of time only!

guest: since you knw she's frm what secondary sch, maybe you can make a call over to her sch to settle the problem 1st?
- i dont think its feasible.. cause i dont know her full name and etc =\ nvm alr lahhs (:

dOMINIC.: haha , i might just try to pose you someday ;x
- LOL you can tryy. hahah! girly dominic!

SHUANG: u gotta wait for her reply before u can take action, cos she can claim she's not online.
- hmmms yeaa. thanks alot girl ! loves!

crystania: That Jolin really BHB la.
- haha.. nvm lahhs case closed alr (: (: thanks for tagging!

Shaun: Girl~ U too popular le lar...
- lols.. i rather not be. so many problems!

ZhIyAn: cause the lessons i missed this week are being squeezed into the 3 remaining weeks in july =/
- ohh.. ouch thats.. poor thing. hahaha. shall we meet up for dinner or something after ur class? :DD haha!

JESNY!:D: passed by&tagged
- hahaha thanks girl ! jy for O lvls!

S: hahaha siao !! u like h1n1 so much ah, come my sch la. ahahah welcome ^^
- HAHAH cannot... if can i sure fly there alr HAHA

Passer: Thanks for blurring my friend out (: Much loves .
- nahh, i should have blurred out earlier on alr. thanks for telling which is which! (:

junwei: fierce ka-.-
- hahaha.. hey, leave a link behind? else i'll mix you up with my friend! know alot junwei and duno which is you ~.~

LL: don't tease me, I seriously doubt I'm gonna have any enjoyment for the next 5 years
- hahahah, but still... how i wished u studied in sg! then can join our outings! :DD

HOMEYYY: then i shall change my nick to this XD
- hahahha. junweis all over the world~ :x

Blogger is kind of screwed up now! cause i cant post photos now. roar !

toodles all, im off to study my pillow ~!!

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