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Replies to tags!

HOMEYYY & LL : (a few tags together)
- LOL i give in to both of you sia. hahaha! so funny la LOL. homeyy has to stand infront of LL LOL. BUT hor.... im not stalker prone ! heh~ nvm laa can continue, i can have my everyday laughs. hahaha

S: waaa, busy ah you... have lots of fun uh. envy you siollllllllllll
- hahaha yea is busy, but no time to rest! i envy you lorrr. like so many holidays! haha!

kai: wo he ni yi qi qu jie fa ... hahhas
- hahaha you want long hairr? HAHA. ok ahh you say one :D

ZhIyAn: hey, tell me you didn't use your hp cam for the sentosa trip! damn clear leh..
- hehs.. but i really used my hp cam! XD 5megapixels ma... hahah :D

z: abit ah lian tho the pic...but still hot =X
- haha.. alot people say i look like ah lian. lol nvmm thanks! (:

LL: AAAAAAA I miss Sentosa ((((
- good thing, so all the more you should come to sg for a VACATION!

CELESTA: ah yes. gd that you know. do come out with us la~ lol allocate some time for us (:
- hahaha alrights! rmb to ask me out too! :DDD

ZhIyAn: use windows live writer to post =]
- ohh? never heard of... lol ! too country bumpkin alr =X

Larry Lu: lolz!!! how come my classmate became wanted person
- lolll thats a very good question.

Daphne: agreed upon ! i cant post too ):
- hahaha yeaa. maybe try it everyday! some days can some days cannot. haha. ohya what's ur url!! keep changing leis.. tsk tsk!

XIN WEI: Hehehe, I can still post darling Are you jealous? xD
- yes i amm ! hahahah. when are we meeting tmr~? XD

Cassandra: Hey, Poppedby. Takecare!
- hey sweet. thanks! tc too :D

HOMEYYY: lol he is creepy anyway, ahnehh becareful of stalkers LOL.
- LOL yes yes i will.. hahaha

LL: whether is he or they u just passed me the creeps as well o.o
- aiyooo LOL. dont care can le ma hahaha

andy: yoyo, hahas gd luck for find ing a partner =]
- hahaha yea thanks!

LL: yeap I agree with Homehh~! how I wished I could be studying in Sg as well

Sercretadmirer: tagged, my link :]
- ohhh hahas.. saw it alr (: thanks for tagging.

Yunhui: havent been able to post pics for 1week alr. hmm?
- hmmms, perhaps try on every day! hahaha. mine some days can, some cannot =\

Sercretadmirer: I'm (Secret)
- ohh? haha. not too secretive now lol.

HOMEYYY: there's clones of me! WHAT AM I? I'M A CLONE SUBJECT? =O
- LOL. issit a good or bad thing? HAHA!

S: LOL !! why cannot -.- too busy alrdy ?!?! but but, i thought you want to fall sick ma ! so no matter what, u die die will find way to fall sick :X
- hahahah i want sick lei! but too bad la~ my body immune system too strong HAHAH!

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