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Shopping Spree with darling is totally ♥♥♥ !!

and we camwhored alot. trust me when i say ALOT. LOL.
you shall know why later. anywayy, i love the pict above!!

anywayyy, i shall start off with the day ! hahaha. met up with darling at northpoint before darl brought me to 18 Chefs (should be) to eat ! its beside BK in northpoint, where LJS used to be. first time eating there! and i think its pretty nice.

cause u get to choose what you want to eat! like baked rice / pasta, what sauce and ingredients. and more over, i like baked foood! hahaha. chatted alot there. been a long time since we met! (:

okayy.. now i wonder who shall accompany me to eat there next time. none of my good friends in poly live in yishun! how great. ):

anyways, this is my pretty girlfriend!! hahahah~

headed for far east after that !! (:

was pretty poor today. cause my mum almost took 40bucks away from me for overusage of handphone bills. and i owe my bro like 30bucks for internet use and blah blah.

we bought quite alot of things!! i bought stuffs like 2 slogan tees (ok no more yellow this time, must curb) , a shoulder bag, gold headband ♥, earrings, and new wedges for school ! my slippers are spoiling!

really wanted to buy more. i've yet to buy waist belt, shawls, this and that, this and that. but im left with just 10 cents in my wallet that day. LOL. super pathetic. my mum owes me money, and that explains why.

darl and i are totally into vintage accessories now. LOL. all the things which we had our eyes on were mostly accessories !! not a good thing. heh. anywayyy... headed back to northpoint after that!

and we went....


like totally! hahahaha. these are not all okay!

and a few test shots by my phone's inner camera.
thats why the low quality.

but i like this picture too! got a very warm feeling :D

and i have no idea why the color is this LOL.


okayy since the pict was really unglam so i cropped it out HAHA!

Shot 1

Shot 2, okay i wasnt looking into the camera LOL.

last shot! :DDD

by then its already 7 plus ! headed home after that!

am feeling totally happy after shopping spree today! got most of the things i wanted. though its not all. HAHAH! darling, meet up often ok! and must accompany me go 18Chefs again LOL.

and sy deardear.. jy on your schoolwork okay! sad that u cant join us today. nvmmm shall see you sooon! miss you to bits !

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