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a sneak peak on my photoshoot (testshoot casting) ! :DDD actually these pictures were sort of behind the scenes taken by ama darling. hehs.. come back sooon! im blogging them up!

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XIN WEI: HAHA, i blogged all together! And you can't imagine how effing long it took me! :O
- yeaa exactly! i always took 3 hours plus plus to blog long picturey posts! hehe xD

HOMEYYY: ya lor, u look better in shorter fringe lol
- hahahah thanks! but look so xiao meimei again. sighs !

GER'MAIN: OH~ I miss you so muchhhh! Hoho.. Agree agree - fringe not long, not short is so xinku & irritating..
- hahaha miss you too! ask me out ask me out!! ahahaha. yeaa so i snipped it off :b

S: yr short fringe looks nice ! i think you look cuter with short fringe. hahahaha. you really look like those ahlian :X no wonder attract ahbeng xD
- hehs thanks thanks! alamak but look so xiao meimei. LOL. ok laaa i look like ahlian i know T.T but what to do ~

Hannah: Hey hey, how you know uki hikaru one?? She scam my blogshop money siah
- nahh i just blogshopping that time and i tot she could be trusted! with all her personal info there ma. =\ did you report her?

Sercretadmirer: finally i can read again :d
- haha there you go. (: new posts

Emily: haha dearie! your teeth look okay lah. if it's not serious overcrowding then most likely no need to extract. mine no need extract but need put screw in the gums LOL. oh and the outram park one is government one, cheaper but have to wait. neighbourhood won't do. go private one (: mine's at orchard!
- ohhh i have a friend who did private at orchard too! dont know leis.. private and neighborhood got what difference? any idea? :b cause ama gonna do hers at neighborhood o.o

xiong: fatten up plz... i see that you have mul nutrition... telll me what you like to eat man..

- hahahah fat enough for my size le! hahah~ cook for me aa? :DD chef !

fab: jas's scared of injection.
- correction, injection of gums. gosh!

ZhIyAn: put on =]
- hmmms alrights, will think through it! :DDD

wenxuan: ty for tat day really i enjoy myself n we really wont meet le coz my uncle plan to sell away yishun the shop le enjoy ur life i wont bother u anymore all the best
- ohhhs... yeaa i met uncle ler. thanks for the outing too.. (:

anon: hellooo, they allow if you only wanna put braces on th top cos i did mine only on top but not for the bottom set of teeth. (:
- ohhh... thats great. thanks alot !!

crystania: Helloooo. Oh, there are neighbourhood dentists who do braces too, can be offering the same rate as Govt's. Govt's one need to make appointment and wait for some 6 months before they even call.
- oooo... thanks for the point! didnt know that.. i'll check it out!

JESNY!?: thanks!you too for your studies prettaye:D
- hahahaha thanks thanks as well!

LL: btw yeah that rubberband is annoying, I've watched my sis suffer n complain
- than i shall not put rubberband :b see how ba~

LL: lol homie u so evil
- LOL he always is :b

z: any skinnier and you look wrong, stay like this, best
- hahah, dont know leis. alrights baa (:

guest: it's better to have your braces done in a private dentist. It's best not to to go for government (:
- okies.. point taken! thanks for tagging!

HOMEYYY: isn't ahnehh always skinny? lol
- eek im not! hahaha

Chin Ping: Ahem. no good friends, but got friend in poly that lives in yishun ah *Ahem ahem*
- OH LOL. i read ur tag twice before i understoood haha! :DD

Jeanie!: Jaslin ! You're look so skinny at that photo .
- hehs no laaa, your cousin not that skinny :b just camera angle only!

S: hahahaha ! i live at yishun ;D can find me go eat and then do some catching up too :X
- hahahaha alrights! wait u get gf then bring her out. OHYAAAAA FAB GOT GF ALR ! ask her bring gf come out :x

LL: oops i just noticed i double posted =x stupid connection
- hahaha its alright !

LL: welcome welcome my derar Dentist~ join the fun
- noww you got me confused. who's the doctor who's the destist??

Night: Oh, nowonder the fam blog seems dead. All run here already. Maybe I should be joining in. Heh heh.
- hehhh, its ok night i can always chat with u at sd tagboard haha!

LL: AAAAH i miss that ride thing in sentosa.. the cart thing u ride down the hill
- its LUGE! hahahah. come sg for vacation la~

ZhIyAn: i think the fake lashes looks good on you =]
- hehs.. thanks! i wore it for photoshoot casting. but still... feels weird! hahaha. hey, meet up soon ok! dinner dinner tgt like that time!


lecture tmr at 1pm and dancesports at night !! (:
self declared holiday today! :b hahaha~

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