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Birthday's approaching in a week.. and im not getting good vibes about it. ):

its right smack in the middle of the exam weeks.
study plans and study group meetings are from now till friday,
which would be my BSTATS paper.
and weekends i should be mugging for ITB paper on monday.
Tuesday's my birthday. and i dn really like celebrating belated bdays.

i cant possibly ask anyone out cause they're having exams soon.
no school for me doesnt means no school for them too.
& i cant go out with friends for the whole day cause my mum wants me back early for the cake cutting and all these.

every year i whined about how unlucky i am,
as to how my bdae always falls during the end of term exams.
and right now in poly (which i tot luck would change),
it falls right smack during my end of sem exams.
which is pretty important. -.-

mum says i gotta resign to the fact that im born for examinations. -.-

Tmr - movie with inez & shaun at 3, then back to study.
Thursday - study at home / someone's house, then anne's bdae, then back home early to study.
Friday - BSTATS paper
Sat & Sun - most probably need to mug for ITB
Monday - ITB paper and seoul gardens at night with family.

tell me where do i have time to go outttttt.
tell me who is free to go out. im not even prepared for ITB.
arghhh. ):

at least someone special is coming to sg for my bdae. ^^
but do not know if i have time as welll. sigh!!

(p.s.) the wishlist gfs asked me to post is up!
it's under the "Profiles" page. ^^

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