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went to malvika's house with yongxiang, amelia, joycelene and jessie on tuesday to study!
they sort of formed a "muggers united" group lol !

malvika's house was totally fabb!
go in see le also very comfyy.. and i think its very big!
its like they have 3 parts for the living room~

but we were still most fascinated by her dog! so cute!
hahaha.. but i duno the hybreed. XD the dog is like so puffy!
reallllyyyy. its likes a ball of fur haha!

anywayyy.. the picture above was malvika joycelene and yx's studying corner.

while jessie took this corner!

we bought lots of snacks and drinks before that, and we got a hard time trying to settle down.
hahahaha. took pictures of the dog, here and there and etc.
seriously.. her house is like a chalet or holiday inn!
its like whatever u want, she has it. hahah! she even treated us cakes.
growing fat soon.. :x

so pretty right ^^
malvika say he doesnt likes to take photos..

and finally he posed there for me!

and yaaa, this my study corner !
i took the whole place. hehees~

study awhile... i think study till 1plus before we went to coffeshop to eat~
come back continue study studyyy..

but we got so distracted already. hahahah.

joycelene they all were crowded tgt searching for part time jobs online.
then after that play those funny funny videos LOL.
lazy to go over go i continue studyy....

but also got distracted. XD
so webcam webcam~ took alot picturees.

XD okayy i know its quite abit. hahaha.

after that also abit sien ler...
then webcam with ai ai XD heehees~

i think by that time nobody wan study ler. hahaha.
yongxiang and jessie kept playing with the dog.
so funnnny.yongxiang keep on trying to catch the dog,
but of course he didnt manage to :x


XD okay no more le. hahahah.
think we slack until 5plus! then the rest of them started playing Wii and etc.
hahaha! but i still got continue to study~

but nothing went in lol!
law of diminishing returns already~


might be going out to study with them ltr on! (now friday le~)

and ohyaaa...

later im having dance exam ^^ for sports & wellness.

hope that i wont be late haha!

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