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hahaha.. the other night i was webcamming with nuer ~ ^^
think i look like ghost... hahaha.

In less than 30minutes it's my birthday le~!!

(maybe you can click on the advert above for me.. hahaha.
so that i would be nearer to saving up for my car license! )

ahahhaa. (: today there's ITB paper!
wanted to sleep around 4plus after being 80% done on my revision.
but who knows i need to wake up at 6plus,
and since i scare i might fall into deep slp = cant wake up = late,
decided to just mug the way through. hahaha!

but who knows im finished during 5plus.
so decided to nap on my chair. dont dare sleep in bed!! hahahaha.~
anyway..... ITB was manageable~

its either i know how to do the whole question, or idk how to do the whole qn.
hahahha. but still i think i can pass. yayyyy!
over and done with ITB. i can stop cursing it aso le~

left the exam hall early with malvika and jessie,
while we went to eat at makan place with clique again!! (:
they continued to go out study at starbucks, while i went home to nap..
hahaha.. 1hr of rest is going to kill me.

wanted to play Pet society when i woke up..
but who knows when doing housework the kitchen so many ants.
then had war with ants for almost 2hours !!!!!! T.T
cant even play comp... bathed then go out to northpoint le~

mum brought me, my bro and his gf to seoul gardens to eat ^^
hehes.. so fulll noww. mum also bought my bengawan solo cake for me~
she say tmr she no time.. so everything celebrate todayyy.

and tmr im going prawn fishing!!! :DDD
never tried before.. hahaha. so jio-ed clique out :D
i shall update more tmr~ :D


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