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hehhhs, back to blog. (((:

right now in still in tutorial, with my tutorial class being dragged 2 hours back, due to the delay in many many presentations in presentations! and right now, 2 hours ltr, things are then starting to get back on track

inm dead tired, and i still have to go meet up for CATS project after this! guess i've stayed up too late yesterday night. was already having a bad headache as i tried to rush out with my OBSE report. but stilll... it was not done! i was only done with it when its almost past 12.

its not about my poor time management. i had been working it all day alr! even when my friends when to eat at Mac, im still rushing the report on my lappy. so pathetic -.-

worse still, i've yet to touch my BCOM presentation! by the time its already 4.30am, and i was supposed to wake up like an hour plus later. -.-

but of course..... my 5 alarms rang from 6am all the way till near 9am. LOL. of course, late for tutorial. cabbed to school. arghhhh. look like a ghost in class now, with my oversized prefectorial tee. HAHA!

its getting bigger and bigger. i swear i din shrink !!

SIGH, nowadays im really running out of time!

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