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hehs im backkkkk. well actually i have a lecture coming up sooon, so i'll just make this post short and sweet. (: anywayyy, its another busy upcoming weeek!

and i just had my ITB presentation ytd. in a purple top and black short pants with slippers. while others wore formal! LOL. i thought no need to wear formal..... hope zeng xing doesnt mark me down haha! presentation was great. (: much kudos to eunice who almost did everything!

and next up i have 2 presentations awaiting me on thursday... and i've yet to prepare the slides! and CATS presentation on friday morning. welll, have so much presentations to do cause this is the last week for my first semester ! time passes so fast. trust me when i say that.

exams are up around the corner, and my birthday just falls right in the middle of it. how great. -.- but luckily there isnt any paper for me on 25 aug! (means no schoool :D ) but i doubt my girlfriends would be free. -.- afteralll, they're having exams also. swt

anyway, met up with joycelene last sunday to go to Red Dot Museum! okay i know this sounds so CATS. -.- cause we went there on our CATS fieldtrip before !

the other day i was still thinking what product i could actually promote to the market in my presentation, and red dot museum just popped up in my mind somehow. HAHA! because at this museum there's alot interesting products thats not really common in the market. ((:

and right now i have too much ideas to choose from for my BCOM presentation. HAHA! and just nice, there's this MAAD event going on down there (: they sell lots of vintage clothings and accesories there. (:

but still... since the time was quite early, we headed down to bugis to shop! joycelene was looking for some formal wear while i was just plain shopping LOL. and of course.... i bought one top on impulse. -.-

now i have quite a few clothings in my room that's bought on impulse. heh. shall open up a blog soon to sell off those. T______T oh, anyway,.... there's this very pretty sales assistant in on of those shops in bugis street! haahha~

ok thats about all. hehs. this is just one of our typical classroom on a thursday morning. hahaha. seriously, who would be listening when you're seated so far away from the tutor LOL.

okayy im off to do my slides and stuffs. having dancesports later on. sighhhhhh. i wan my sleep!!

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