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im in a pretty pissed off mood. and..... i think i wont be blogging whatever i've mentioned earlier already. cause its just makes me feel like a chore to me.

its like, there's something you want to talk about for today, but u just rmb u had promised to blog about something else. so, everything just stacks up one by one just like a tower. blogging soon became a chore. its like, people wants to read, so i blog.

but i thought over it. why am i always blogging for the sake of blogging. so.... imma just gonna blog whatever i want, whenever i feel like it. :D


anyway.... past few day's stuffs, guess i wont blog about them. nothing much of a big deal that happened anyway.

#1. im in a pretty eff-ed up mood today. got put aeroplane but countless people. im overloaded with project work. yes you may say, project work is to be done tgt by all. somehow i feel that im the one doing ALL of it. FML.

i may be nice, but dont go over the limit.

#2. just throw away your phone if you dont bother to reply back to smses. just throw away your hotmail account if you dont bother to open IMPORTANT emails.

yes at the end of the day, its still back to project work. its getting on my nerves. ok i know, you may be just procrastinating it. thats what i felt when i received emails from other project peeps. but its like, i already pointed out what you need to do, what you need to find.

AND please, at least acknowlegde my sms when i send out to you. its now the major project before sem ends. dont tell me i need to solo projects for this module throughout.

AHH, life's screwed. im so f* pissed off.
sorry doesnt cure.


MY INBOX LIKE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

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