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i've changed blogskin again! ^^

hahah.. i got bored of that so soon and decided to change this!
spent the whole night + midnight to do this !
now its 5am plus already... and there's no school tmr!
study break till exam.. so its like now holiday to us le.

i got a job at a new bubbletea shop at yishun mrt there le.
the ladyboss called me just now ask me when can start work..
but i still dont know if i want work there anot.
cause the place like abit warmm.
scare i faint cause air ventilation not very good. XD
see how first ba... i still wanna sell apparels better.
wanna gain more experience on different fields ^^

anyway.... was late for my OBSE exam todayy. -.-
overslept hehe. i woke up at like 7.45 instead of 6.30am

anywayy... back to this blogskin.. comments comments please ^^
first time i did such a blogskin.
although i got bits and parts from here and there..
but somehow i managed to add a fixed border to all of my pictures under "preview"
but when i saved the changes it cant be seen nowhere.

dont know what happen also.. im going to slp first ^^
shall blog tmr.. lots of pictures coming up !!!

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