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ooops.. i forgot to blog about this!

haha anyways... met up with eric, shuan, linus and others
(sort of guild ppl) to go out on monday ^^
so met up with coco, louis and another eric at yishun mrt first. (:

trained to plazasing while we waited for others to come.
watched the movie "Where Got Ghost". hahaha
the movie abit lame, but still... very funnny. hhahahs.
also got continuation from the "money not enough 2" i think.
so.. not bad if you wanna laugh off for awhile ^^

anyway... after the movie marcus came to join us.
and since PS got nth to do,.. we went Orchard ION to walk ^^
ahh... i see alot of shops which i wannna go. but now short of cash T_T
after spending 50bucks on taxi rides for waking up late

hmmms.. guess after that there's around 15 of us~
but orchard ion also nth much for them.. so we decided to go boat quay~
some of the guys wanna go lan shop again,
so coco, fish, nicole, eric, shaun and his gf we went to look for a pub!


so we walked around and ended at The Cavern. ^^
it was my virgin trip to a pub cause nobody brought me there before.
hahaha. becoming country bumpkin sooon..
but now i know where the various pubs are at now~ hahaha.

anywayy.. while waiting for the guys we ordered some drinks.
think some of them ordered beer.. while coco helped me and audrey to order drinks ^^
never drink before ma.. hahas. so the bartender also gave recommendations~

so me and audrey shared this Virgin Margarita. lime flavored~
taste like some lime freeze.. but after u drink it taste like something else o.o
hehes. didnt finish it, so let the other guys drink it.
also tried the mango flavor~


anyway... it was still early so they suggested playing 猜拳~
so funnny... fish kept losing and had to finish the beer.
after that still keep losing, and he almost finished the virgin margarita~

hahaha. so me, coco, audrey, shaun and eric also learnt it~
hehs.. played for some time before the guys came back from lanshop.
think they headed to old airport road for dinner while i went home~
mum was nagging and screaming over the phone for me -.-

真搞不懂她在想设么 -.-

anyway... went to watch "UP" with
marcus, eric, coco, shaun and fish last night at yishun GV ^^
was late cause i overslept for my nap! hahaha.. had a very bad morning
shall blog about it soon. :D

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