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marcus just sent me Big Bang's whole album to me last night! ♥
is totally loveeeee ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and now my updated playlist have most (not all) of those songs~

hahaha.. doing a short update before i go sleeep.
after bstats paper today was totally tireddd!
mentally worn out and physically drained. just slp 3hrs last night.

last night tried going to slp early.. but end up rolling on the bed ><
early morning jiu wake up go school le~
this bstats paper... think i prepared for it for almost a weeek!
finallly its over... luckily the paper is still "do-able"..
but of course i made many mistakes alr. hahah.

think i can pass ^^ duno if i should throw away those notes.
do i still need them if i go uni? or would i be exempted from the module?

hahhaa.. anywayy went to makan place to eat after that~
whole time during the bstats paper i thinking of what to eat for lunch.
heehees. :D miss makan place foood!!

anywayy... malvika, joycelene, amelia, jessie, yongxiang + me went to study at school library after that~
we booked the room from 12 to 6pm lols!
and yongxiang was so crappy today.
laughed non stop. :x luckily outside cant hear! hahahah
study till around 4plus before we got restless le~

so we decided to go home. hehs.
northpoint m)phosis is having SALEEEEEEEEEE!
30~70% until 30aug. hehehe. i can grab my mum go there for my bdae present~
or perhaps i buy for myself -.-

reach home also 6plus le~ freezing cold todayyy.
cooked dinner, slacked abit, help friend play abit of comp..
now so shagg le.. can feel my eyebags summre.. T.T

going sleeep in!!!

(p.s) Happy Belated Birthday Anne~
was her bdae ytd (20aug). paisehh left your party so earlyyy.
but wished you enjoyed it! ^^

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